Radio and Music Blogs List (Plus Bonus Lists of Spotify Playlist Curators and Facebook Groups)

Hey, you are here (or you should be here) because you finished reading my guide, How to Get Your Music on the Radio and Music Blogs: Includes Contact Lists of 1,000s of Radio Show Hosts, DJs, Music Directors and Bloggers, and now you want to get access to my dynamically-updated lists of these contacts. In addition, here you’ll be able to get access to the bonus lists of contacts of Spotify playlist curators and Facebook groups.

In order to get access to these spreadsheets, simply fill out the following form and then wait for your access to be approved. It should take no more than 24 hours to approve your access as long as your information is accurate. If you get no answer after 24 hours of filling out the form, please contact me at the email address: 44faced AT gmail DOT com.

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