TonAsh Is a Bahamas Rapper With Music Videos That’ll Make You Feel Really Good

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TonAsh – The One

TonAsh – How It Go



TonAsh – I Yi Remix feat. Bodine Victoria and Chase Fernander

TonAsh (@KingTA242) releases 2 new music videos, “How It Go” and “The One.” Also, in case you missed his Caribbean award nominated “I Yi Remix,” it’s also included in this 3 single music video package, each with a unique Bahamas feel.

“How It Go,” produced by King Corn Beatzz, is a smooth and witty track with a catchy hook and flow. Definitely something to cruise around town to as you can gather when the chorus starts off by saying “Blowing on that smoke, you know how it go, tryna kill that low, you know how it go.”

“The One,” produced by BrioBeats, is a hip hop reggae fusion that has a very chill-but-upbeat vibe, a catchy hook and an interesting story, both lyrically and visually in the music video.

In “I Yi Remix” featuring BodineVictoria and Chase Fernander, produced by Nate Vibez, 242 Island Hip Hop aficionado Ton Ash brought together a ‘dream team’ of Bahamian artist for his latest track the “I Yi Remix.” The track features Bodine (who returns to her roots and raps) and Chase Fernander has all the “Wakanda Feels” you can ask for along with a bevy of beautiful 242 women (in true Ton Ash style). The catchy hook and head bopping track add to the flavor of this super styled video directed by Jiggy Productions.

TonAsh is an independent artist from Nassau, Bahamas. One of the countries’ top and consistent hip hop/rap artists. Some of his achievements include being nominated by the Caribbean award show, The Elevation Awards, for Hip Hop Artist of the Year, Music Video Of The Year (“I Yi Remix”), Rap Song of the Year (“I Yi Remix”) and Male Artist Of The Year.

Jimmy Black The Journeyman – Say Le$$

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The Journeyman Jimmy Black’s (@jimmyblack) “Sayle$$” is an expression that is said if you like something, dislike something, etc. Kendric Bedell a.k.a. Jimmy Black a.k.a. The Journeyman was born in Toledo, Ohio.

WARRENMA₵ – $onic $uper$tition$

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WARRENMA₵’s $onic $uper$tition$ is a new album of ambient, aggressive, melodic, electronic, hiphop, trap and soul instrumental madness.
WARRENMA₵ is an up-and-coming producer, rapper, singer and songwriter out of Los Angeles, CA.

Dexx Almighti – Deja Vu

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After taking a break from the spotlight to hit the studio, rap prima, Dexx Almighti (@DexxAlmighti_) hits us with his release of “Deja Vù.”
Known for his melodic flow and relateable lyrics, Dexx Almighti is hitting 2019 fueled with determination, new music, and social influence.
When explaining the track Almighti details how his recent relationship inspired the single stating, “I looked at my last relationship and realized that the back and forth was truly Deja Vù and I used my emotions as fuel and my pen as my protection!”
More than an artist, he’s a lyrical magician. Press Play and see what was going on within the world of Dexx Almighti with this new release.

Listen to “Dexx Almighti – Deja Vu” on Spotify »


Yung Cassius – F.U.C.K. Love

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“F.U.C.K. Love” is the new single from Yung Cassius (@iamyungcassius): the rebirth of an era with a new twist, New York rapper with his own unique sound and style.

 “I Am The Greatest” words spoken by the legendary Muhammed Ali. Those words would be what inspired Tyrone “Yung Cassius” Thorne. Yung Cassius became one of the most respected underground rappers from the gritty streets of Brooklyn, New York. Just as Muhammed Ali, Yung Cassius has the same drive, determination and passion to be the greatest. The same vision and hunger just in a different field.

DempseyRollBoy – Ghost Girl

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DempseyRollBoy (@DempseyRollBoy) “Ghost Girl” produced by Aenima (@aenima.ilab).

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Xavier Wulf and Chris Travis – Bangers Mix

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YouTuber DEAD BOY makes fan mixes with full love of the music, enhancing the experience of the artists in new ways.

0:00 – Chris Travis – Off The Equator
2:32 – X.Wulf – Incase They Ain’t Know
4:57 – Chris Travis – 2 Woods Up
8:21 – X.Wulf – Wulf Takahashi
10:53 – Chris Travis – Coming Thru
14:33 – X.Wulf – Fort Woe
17:19 – Chris Travis – Lookin Through The Scope
20:12 – X.Wulf – Psycho Pass
22:28 – Chris Travis – Crazy
26:25 – X.Wulf – Tortuga
29:03 – Chris Travis – Live From The Creek
31:00 – X.Wulf x Chris Travis – It’s Obvious
33:46 – X.Wulf – Alexander Wulf
35:42 – Chris Travis – See Me Down
39:42 – X.Wulf – Calamity
42:12 – Chris Travis – Collapse
44:20 – X.Wulf – Mugen Woe
45:53 – Chris Travis – Max Payne
48:50 – X.Wulf – East Memphis Maniac
51:24 – Chris Travis – World Pain
54:13 – X.Wulf – Armor Woe
57:00 – X.Wulf x Chris Travis – Rumble Room
58:53 – Chris Travis – 7-11
1:02:07 – X.Wulf – Akina Speed Star
1:04:32 – Chris Travis – Just Ashin
1:07:16 – X.Wulf – Terrotuga Man
1:09:12 – Chris Travis – Flip Shit
1:12:06 – X.Wulf – Philsophers Throne
1:15:05 – Chris Travis – Memphis To La
1:17:37 – X.Wulf – Look Up
1:18:49 – X.Wulf x Chris Travis – Red Tide

Carolina Red – Win

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Carolina Red’s (@CarolinaRed_910) “Win” is that theme song to all the haters and obstacles.

Victory – Stolen

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“Stolen” is a song that Victory (@victory) made when he was thinking about flexing. In Victory’s words: “Most of the music that I make like this I don’t have to think too much or write at all. This song is just about me being iced out and loving music with my friends.” Victory has been creating music for 3 years and represents New York.

Peso – Illuminati

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Peso - Illuminati

Peso (@tharealpesoo) drops his new single “Illuminati” on all streaming platforms, following up on his last major release “No Feeling” on SoundCloud last month. “Illuminati” is about uniting together to overcome weakness and opening your eyes to the truth. Peso raps impressively fast on this track, and his rhyme schemes, lyricism and melodic tone put this whole track together. Definitely a banger to the start of the year ;-D

Peso is a rapper originally from San Antonio, Texas.

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