Monza Express – Crying on the Radio

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A driving indie anthem with pulsing drums, charging guitars and anguished vocals. A story of heartbreak and abuse. A stomping indie banger.

Monza Express are an an Indie Rock band from Aberdeen Scotland. The members are Fraser Bateman (Vocals & Rhythm guitar) Greg Burgess (Bass) Kris Fraser (Keyboard) Shaun Reid (lead guitar) David “Deco” Smith (drums).
They have now released 3 singles all available on the major streaming sites.

Stream Monza Express – “Crying on the Radio” on YouTube:


Geo Grittz – Sitar vs Tabla

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The inspiration behind the track started with the production Due Alittlebitofme. They used Indian instruments, Sitar and Tabla as the main instruments, the track is called Sitar vs Tabla, A competition! Geo Grittz rapping about some Ladies who are trying to impress him. Pure Fun but effective!

Geo Grittz, GEO is the first three letters of my real name, and Grittz is from my Gritty but deep vocals, I’ve loved music since I was 3 years old, I used to copy Michael Jackson a lot, and my love for Hip Hop actually came from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I’m from London/UK, my style is true Hip-Hop but unique.

Stream Geo Grittz – “Sitar vs Tabla”:

Follow Geo Grittz on Twitter: @kevthemusicman

Chino2x – What’s Love

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An R&B rap classic by Chino2x – “What’s Love.” Streaming on all platforms after his thriving album StreetCode.

Chino2x is a West Orlando, North Miami native looking for a career in the rap game and has no problem taking his spot. Keep up with Chino2x on Instagram @chino2xofficial

Stream Chino2x – “What’s Love” on Apple Music:

Yung Bosna – Wounded

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Check out Yung Bosna’s album, Wounded. Adel Mesic (Born April 10, 1992), better known by his stage name, Yung Bosna, is a Bosnian-born American hip hop artist from Tesanj, Bosnia.

Stream Yung Bosna – Wounded:

Quen Lane – Follow My Drip

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Quen Lane is an upcoming artist from the small town of Sandersville, GA. His snappy punchlines and catchy flow is what gives him his edge.

Stream Quen Lane – “Follow My Drip”:

Joe Dirrt – Push

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“Push” by Joe Dirrt is a reminder about the history that should never be forgotten, because the same issue for black men continues happening since slavery. We have to remember what our ancestors fought for.

Joe Dirrt is a hip hop emcee representing Buffalo, NY, pumping raw heart, emotion, lyricism, and wordplay through the big New York Boom Bap Hip Hop sound, making it his own new entity.

Stream Joe Dirrt – “Push”:

Follow Joe Dirrt on Instagram: @joedirrt82


Vusion – Sword

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Vusion’s “Sword” is an instrumental house track for a perfect workout, empowering its listeners.

Vusion has been involved in the music industry for a long time. On his 12th birthday he received a DJ mixer as a gift from the toy store, and spent countless nights with earplugs in, ambitiously mixing. At the age of 17, he started to build up his software. After several years of practice, he released his first single, “Sword,” in 2019, and his second track is “I See You” followed a year later, and he hopes to release many more in the future.

Stream Vusion “Sword”:

Kingboscico – Came From

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“Came From” by Kingboscico is a new single taking from the Nugg Dilemma EP, which is dropping soon. Follow @kingboscico on Instagram for updates.

Kingboscico is an artist based out of Orlando, on Eastside Dead Rd, born and raised in Miami.

Stream Kingboscico – “Came From”:

NY Dayi – Augen Zu

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NY Dayi’s “Augen Zu” is about a man whose wife left him because he is poor. Now he is rich and the woman begs pardon.

NY Dayi is a German/Turkish songwriter and rapper who writes and produces songs about love, relationships, and all people in the world, in his own studio.

Stream NY Dayi – “Augen Zu”:



Kevin Toqe – Shadows

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Kevin Toqe’s “Shadows” radio edit has all the nuances of a professional production, together with the powerful emotion of an R&B/pop anthem, while also setting off on an experimental tangent in its structural songwriting scope.

A tranquil synth-pad soundscape filling in the mid- and background audio space opens up the scene for a subtle-yet-confident R&B vocal entrance of Kevin Toqe. From an ambient calmness, Toqe drives in a four-to-the-floor kick at around thirty seconds in, and continues building up the energy through additional instrumental and rhythmic layerings at about fifty seconds, dropping into a sparse bridge section at around 1:10 to 1:30, and then climaxing into a short hook after a minute-and-a-half into the song.

After the hook, Toqe once again drops out the beat completely, holding the pace with his continuous vocal outpouring over an ambient sparseness, and the song interplays between verses, bridges, and two more hooks that further express the climactic energy from its preceding sparse sections.

Toqe successfully weaves together production complexities into a simplistic vibe that any person could vibe to.

In terms of the song’s content, Kevin Toqe explains: “Shadows is a calling. It’s about being comfortable with obscurity and comfortable with being known. It’s learning to trust God’s protection in a world that can feel like a jungle of cynicism and fear. Living in His shadows is a place of protection and a place to thrive.”

About Kevin Toqe

With his unique and soulful blend of folk-R&B, Kevin weaves lyrics into a solid groove with depth and texture. He’s a singer, songwriter, and producer who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kevin, who is 50% Albanian and 100% Alopecian, now resides on the Central Coast of California with his spicy wife and two children.

Stream Kevin Toqe – “Shadows” (radio version, and music video of “Shadows At 25th Street”):

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