Paradise – Sometimes

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“Sometimes” by Paradise is an example of turning a feeling into another feeling. In the words of Paradise: “Sometimes you have to change your surroundings to stop you from becoming the bad guy. I was most definitely in my feelings when this song was created. I put out exactly how I felt no covering it.”

Paradise is an independent artist and DJ from Flint, MI.

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Lawson J – NYAS (Not Yet A Star)

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“Not Yet A Star” by Lawson J is a hip hop / rap song that every upcoming artist can relate to. The bitter taste of people giving you excellent feedback on your songs but not willing to share it because you are not successful enough or famous yet, or worse, people who ignore your messages for the same reason.

Lawson J—singer, songwriter, composer, producer—makes contemporary pop that mixes R&B, hip hop, rap, Latin, and soul thanks to his influences through artists such as Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, and Michael Jackson, whom his parents played every day during his childhood, as well as contemporary artists like Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, or huge artists and producers like Dr. Dre.

Junior creates all his songs from A to Z, in his bedroom, as his official debut single “Ahí Aye,” a catchy summer song, composed during the 2020 quarantine, “Maria,” evoking the struggle of domestic violence through the eyes of a friend who feels like he’s just a powerless witness, or “Stay Together” talking about summer loves and how the end of it can be heartbreaking.

With his last release, “Not Yet A Star,” Lawson J expresses the painful reality of being an artist but not famous enough to make people pay attention.

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Ca$h Anti – Drip Lock

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“Drip Lock” by Ca$h Anti has over 10,000 plays on SoundCloud and according to Ca$h Anti, it is his best work so far. It has a tough flow and the beat complements that even more. This is Ca$h Anti’s biggest accomplishment in one song so far and Ca$h Anti intends on following it up with more soon.

Ca$h Anti is a 20-year-old rapper from the Inland Empire trying to make his own wave. He has been writing music since around fifth grade but only recently started releasing it in January 2021. In the words of Ca$h Anti: “My music is the one thing I put the most amount of effort into and would do anything for.”

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Tha Just – Problem feat. Ike the Writa

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Tha JUST Releases ‘Problem’ feat Ike the Writa, June 2021 (U.S) — Life during COVID ain’t easy. But artist Tha JUST hasn’t let it slow his roll. Today, U.S-based rapper-singer Tha JUST released a brand new single entitled “Problem” featuring R&B singer Ike the Writa.

“Problem” is the perfect combination of hip-hop mixed with R&B making the single a smash hit.

“Problem” is especially different from other songs the singer has released. This hip-hop and R&B single is about working thru the madness of love, when it’s worth everything.“With so much love and positive feedback around my last single, I decided to give something back by presenting my fans with this brand new song: ‘Problem’ explains Tha JUST. This single adds to the broad spectrum of Tha JUST music, representing and featuring a more romantic and chill version. He continues: “I’m very proud of the end result that adds a new chapter in this saga that ties everything together.”He’s also been slowly but surely gaining steam across the globe with multiple tracks crossing 2 million streams on Soundcloud, Spotify, and other streaming platforms. In 2021, Tha JUST will continue to build on one of his most successful years so far. Also, Tha JUST revealed that he draws inspiration from the craft of big names in the R&B, rap, and hip-hop industry, even the rock genre itself. However, his ultimate motivation and inspiration remains life and love.

Tha JUST is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

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OSF Profit – Fuq Dat Bih

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Check out the new single and video by OSF Profit, “Fuq Dat Bih,” which has gone viral on YouTube.

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Jay Staxx – Spazz Out

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“Spazz Out” by Jay Staxx is a hip hop club banger, with a summer turn up pool party events type vibe. 

Jay Staxx is a co-founder and artist of Loyalty Over Royalty Records, a family business based out of San Diego, CA but Jay Staxx is originally from St. Louis, MO. In the words of Jay Staxx: “I have a big fan base that knows me as the character Diaper Man. I rap, freestyle my songs, dance, and act. I have been rapping for three years now and dancing my whole life. Dance was my first passion. I accumulated a big following in October 2018 for the role I played as Diaper Man going viral on multiple platforms numerous times. Then in April of 2019 tragedy struck with the passing of my mother (R.I.P Tameka Russell). I took it really hard , especially because the last time I had seen her was 5 years before she passed, and our last memory we had together is I took her to the mansion parties in Los Angeles, CA (Smile). With that being said everything that I worked hard to achieve before she passed I found myself giving up on, but now “I’m back like Gucci Mane.” #IfYouKnowYouKnow #SpazzOut”

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cloud93ish – You & Me, Pt. 2 (feat. Celine Love)

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In the words of the artist, cloud93ish, the song “You & Me, Pt. 2” (feat. Celine Love):

is very special to me, the second I heard the beat on September 27th, 2020. I knew exactly what type of vibe the song needed (for a hook)… everything else was not clicking, especially since I cant really sing, 2 months later I found Celine who helped me make all this possible. I hope you love it.

cloud93ish is a New York based artist who was born in Ghana.

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3isthemagic – Famous

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Dallas scarfaced melodic rapper 3ISTHEMAGIC speaks to not selling his soul by respectfully declining deal with the devil in new music video “Famous.”

In and out of the Dallas foster care system, 3isthemagic naturally leaned on music to cope with not having a support system. Although, 3isthemagic has been compared to Kid Kudi and Juice WRLD, there is no one in the music industry that can quite match the variety of his sound. His melodic flows balance well with the lyricism, story telling and metaphors.

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Franchi$e – Drip

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NEW RELEASE, Friday, June 4, 2021 – “Drip” by Franchi$e is a single with a catchy chorus and melodic flow in its verses. “Drip” is an upbeat track that will have you bopping your head and feeling like you the man all at the same time.

Franchi$e is a CEO of an Independent Record Label (AMG LLC). Franchi$e is a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. He currently resides in Northern California, but reps his hometown which is located in South Louisiana. His rapping & singing ability has its own unique way of capturing his fans. Just press play to enjoy a sound the music industry will soon love!

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Ibrah Kelfala – Age of Awakening

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Ibrah Kelfala’s “Age of Awakening” is a song that Ibrah Kelfala claims “gives me goosebumps everytime” and “motivates me to use my voice more.” 

Ibrah Kelfala is a 24-year-old emcee from Freetown, Sierra Leone, who currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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