Almighty1, KIIX & Kasey Jane – Courage to Love (RuPaul EDM Cover)

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This imaginative remix and cover of RuPaul’s “Courage to Love” by Almighty1, KIIX & Kasey Jane captures the romantic spirit of the original while pushing it into a bold new sonic territory. It is a perfect blend of pop accessibility and dancable house rhythms. KIIX, Almighty1 and Kasey Jane are ideal collaborators combining their talents into one of the most innovative EDM covers to emerge from the UK this year. It is an ideal fit for any house/electronic playlist.

About the Artists: Almighty1, KIIX & Kasey Jane have worked on three releases together, “Courage to Love” is their fourth. The three artists come from different parts of the world but come together for the love of music.

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Ekow Armah – Freee feat. S.E.L

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“Freee” is a Summer house anthem featuring the silky soulful vocals of Emma (a.k.a. Soulful, Emma Louise). SEL, with Ibiza style guitars and Ekows string arrangements creates a summer house meets strings dance track to remember and for all to enjoy!

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Jessiah – Quelle

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Self-taught multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter, Jessiah grew up amidst the sparse deserts and majestic mountains of Tucson, Arizona, in the United States. Over the last couple of years, his captivating and diverse music content has earned him a substantial following of over 1.2 million fans across social media and firmly positioned him as an exciting and emerging pioneer of contemporary classical music.

With a distinctive and unique collaboration of sound, soul and spirituality, Jessiah’s compositions mirror his home’s mesmerizing, vast landscapes and take listeners on an immersive journey, rich and varied in timbre. His work explores emotion, nature and life in a stunning conversation between each note and narrative.

This enchanting first piece came to life during a trip home to Arizona in August of last year. While performing at a wedding, Jessiah was offered the chance to use a local studio to record some of his creations. A little unprepared and slightly reluctantly, he sat down at a beautiful 9ft concert grand piano and began to improvise and record. He describes this song as a reflection of the challenges, confusion, and clarity that life can bring. A bittersweet acknowledgement of the growth that comes from leaving home but the unbreakable roots that remain – grounding us in our journey and re-enforcing the importance of family. You can hear Jessiah talk first-hand about the song here.

His debut release ‘QUELLE’, is a self-composed, piano piece dedicated to his older sister, with whom he lost contact around seven years ago. ‘I wanted to name this piece after her because she was one of the first people that I lost in my life, and it just shows that there is both beauty and restoration that can come from broken things.’

Returning to the very beginning and reflecting on his journey, this first composition focuses on the simplicity and intricacy of a solo piano, where Jessiah’s journey began. The music video features the original upright piano that he learned on, and includes a montage of personal home footage from childhood, specifically documenting his long-term relationship with the keys.

Whilst this may be his first public release, Jessiah is an incredibly accomplished musician and vocalist. He plans to integrate other instruments and collaborations into his future releases – continuing to share his captivating story and the dedication to his craft. He is based in Los Angeles, California, pursuing his musical endeavors full-time.

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GoldEater – Circling the Summit

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Dark IDM / electronic. Bobbing and slamming bass synths, bit-blurred hazy synth leads, and busy mid tempo to downtempo hard hitting grooves and beats. Inspired by Aphex Twin – trying to find calm in the chaos.

GoldEater is the industrial-aggressive dark electronic project from Paul G. Marchesani: AKA Forest Kids Collective. After a 4 year hiatus from Psychic Shards – a 2019 EP showcasing the main styles and concept this project can be. Paul slowly began building up a follow up EP in 2021 then promptly left them on the back burner for 2 more years. With some new skills and toys to work with today, Paul remixed and remastered Circling the Summit and is now in process of finalizing the rest of the EP for later this year.

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DJ Smo – Floating feat. Bay-C

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Get ready to float with DJ Smo and Bay-C’s new banger, a stoner’s anthem that will take you on a journey to cloud nine! With its fusion of dancehall, afrobeat, and reggae elements, this song is the perfect soundtrack for your next smoke session. Pre-save the song on Spotify now and be the first to experience the ultimate high on 4/20!!

DJ Smo – the hottest DJ in the European Dancehall Scene, traveling to Jamaica as often as possible, living the life of the young and reckless! His mind is saturated with music, his mixtapes run the streets. When he’s on set he takes you straight to Kingston, or New York – or wherever the fuck the turn up is!! His music is RAW MODERN DANCEHALL with elements of all Genres to guarantee the one of a kind sauce!!

Bay-C is a seasoned artist from the shores of Jamaica. Formerly of renowned quartet TOK, Bay-C has written, recorded and produced some of Jamaica’s biggest selling music for the past 15 years. His instantly recognisable bass voice is coveted by many and is the inspiration behind his artiste name Bay-C (pronounced bass-ee).

Signature lines such as ‘Man A Badman’, ‘Solid as a Rock’ and the infamous ‘My Crew My Dawgs’ have stamped Bay-C as an ace dj that is gifted with a voice that compliments almost any beat, regardless of genre or tempo.

Stream DJ Smo – “Floating” feat. Bay-C:

Honey Bxby – Touchin’

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Honey Bxby’s “Touchin'” is a sexy song with a R&B club vibe that talks about the feeling when you have a crush in the club, when you’re not sure whether or not he has a girlfriend, but you take the risk to talk to him anyway. 

Honey Bxby , from New Jersey, she sings and raps up beat personality.

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Nsh Ghxst – I’m Not in Love (Remix)

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“I’m Not in Love (Remix)” by Nsh Ghxst is a song about being in love with someone but not wanting to admit it to them or to yourself, or trying to convince yourself that you don’t love them because the other person might make too big a deal out of it, and you’re trying to convince yourself that it’s less of a big deal than it really is.

Nsh Ghxst, is hitting full speed with this newest single, “I’m Not In Love” (Remix) Ft Nsh Da Real. Melodic, catchy, and far from basic- Nsh Ghxst has found his sound. Growing up, music always played a major part in my life, said the 22-year old singer/songwriter from Norristown, Philadelphia. After finally stepping into the booth, it’s safe to say there’s no getting him out. His growth in only a year paired with his grind, displays raw talent, individuality & most importantly, HUSTLE. Young and hungry, Nsh Ghxst plans to push out even more consistent music in an attempt to grow his popularity. Step by step, his efforts are beginning to pay off; having reached over 11K views on his “GYALIS” freestyle via TikTok!

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Alejandro Llovet Abascal – Pure

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The purest sound of Piano Compositions: every finger touching keys, feet sustaining pedals, the soft noise of a key being pressed after another will join the melodic voice of every string and hammer inside the most beautiful furniture on Earth. With no sound filtering, this Production is a new way to create and listen to #Organic #Music: as #natural as it is created from the beginning.

Alejandro Llovet Abascal was born in Mexico City in 1977. At a very early stage, he studied piano and music at a renowned local academy. When he was a teenager, his piano teacher gave him some composition techniques and lessons, which have improved over the years. He developed a professional career in the worlds of Business, Education, and Entrepreneurship but never gave up the idea of working with his own Classical Music compositions. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, he finally had the time he needed to polish his over two-decade work and published his first Albums on Streaming Platforms in 2021. Inspired by great composers like Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Puccini, Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach, we can hear some influence from them in his artistic work.

Written, performed, and produced by Alejandro Llovet Abascal, in his music, we can see years of work coming to great inspirational albums, with pianos, acoustic guitars, choirs, drums, and trumpets coming all together to an Epical Music Style.

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Arthur Carl – Amity

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Arthur Carl’s “Amity” is a musical piece with a mix of uplifting, upbeat, euphoric, and dreamy styles. This song is apart of Arthur Carl’s single called “Bliss,” which is comprised of two songs. In the words of Arthur Carl: “I created that in remembrance of the joyous feeling I would get in happy circumstances that I’ve experienced in life.”

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Amor Experientia – Bloom

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Amor Experientia’s Bloom is a genre-bending album that pulls from the genres of synthpop, orchestral, electronic, pop, experimental, and R&B.

Amor Experientia is a musician based out of the United States. His sound can be described as cinematic avant-garde pop with heavy orchestral and jazz influence.It combines experimental elements to create a commercial yet refreshingly creative sound eclectically pulling from every genre.

Stream Amor Experientia – Bloom:

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