Maxtallies – After You Left

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Maxtallies’ “After You Left” is a song that was written after she left. A short story.

Inspired by 90’s Hiphop and R&B, Maxtallies is an up and coming artist with a penchant for writing infectious music. The multi-talented musician ingeniously presents a fresh new perspective with his unique brand of music, reaching out to a plethora of different listeners from all walks of life.

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Oberry – Void Offering

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Nihilism and existential dread gain expression through a lo-fi, drenched, punk, emo and trap single by Oberry, “Void Offering.” The track contains a blend of varying energies from a walking-pace arpeggiated clean-guitar three-chord classic punk riff through a riding trap beat verse with its characteristic 808 bass, punching kick and snare, and flamming hi-hats, drawing out to sparse clean-guitar arpeggiated bridges, as well as unexpected snare fills leading into angst-filled four-to-the-floor headbanging-worthy hooks. The distorted vocals and heavily filtered sound throughout, drowning the clarity of the lyrics, successfully express a nihilistic existential dread.

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DonCa$h – Les dernieres volonté de Tintin

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French battle rap unfolds before our very eyes: DonCa$h unleashes his winning diss track against Tintin.

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Soul Lingasiku – The Shade

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In his upcoming single, “The Shade,” Soul Lingasiku gives a powerful message on how we can transform our negative emotions into something great and positive. He explains that even though we may go through depression in life, we cannot take the good things that we still have in life for granted. He believes his music heals.

Die-hard fan of 90’s hip-hop and R&B, Joel Kigwila a.k.a. Soul Lingasiku is a talented artist from Atlanta, GA with a unique music style. As a first generational Tanzanian born in the States, Soul Lingasiku incorporates different music styles like smooth lyrical hip-hop and African soul sounds and blends it with a variety of rhythms and blues harmonics to confidently pave his way through the music industry.

Soul Lingasiku’s “The Shade” drops on October 24, 2020. Use the following DistroKid link to pre-save it on Spotify, and pre-order it on iTunes and Amazon:

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DraMatiQue – Millionaire

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DraMatiQue’s “Millionaire” is an epic radio friendly anthem highlighted by amazing production with an East Coast hip hop flair and impeccable delivery. This is the album title track and also the 5th radio single from the album which is available digitally worldwide via The Orchard/Sony Music. Stream/Purchase full album here:

DraMatiQue is a hip-hop artist who specializes in the creation of cutting edge, original hip-hip music for the masses. Hailing from Sacramento, California…he has released two well received mixtapes and is C.E.O. of indie hip-hop label, Newborn Records LLC. DraMatiQue’s highly anticipated debut album ” Millionaire ” is currently available now on all digital platforms via The Orchard/Sony Music.

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Thom Bullitt – Ramblin’ Man (Official Video)

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Thom Bullitt has released the official music video for his single, “Ramblin’ Man,” from his latest album, The Cooler King 2

About Thom Bullitt: Born April 1, 1994 in Houston, Texas, Thomas Rodney Oates, Thom Bullitt was raised not on Hip-Hop, but Rock & Roll, Blues, and Pop. He moved to Oklahoma in 2004 which is when he discovered and fell in love with Hip-Hop. He began writing songs in high school and was even labelled “Most Likely To Move To Houston And Become A Rapper” by his classmates. He began recording his own Hip-Hop songs shortly after graduating high school in 2012, and released his first full-length EP in December 2015 titled ‘The Cooler King’ under the moniker Thom Bullitt

Watch the Official Music Video for Thom Bullitt’s “Ramblin’ Man”:

93 Ish – SEXC (feat. D3nice beats)

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“SEXC” by 93 Ish, and featuring D3nice beats, is a simple fun and empowering song.

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Thom Bullitt – The Cooler King 2 [Album Review]

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After the power of Thom Bullitt’s previous EP release, Roses, comes a whole new level of depth in his new album, The Cooler King 2. Hustle, introspection, individualistic uniqueness, yearning for the other, the drive for success and the alcoholic taste of failure, Thom Bullitt opens up another chapter of his life in a more mature outpouring of ten tracks of mostly over four minutes each (bar three of them).

Kicking off with the two more radio-friendly and radio-ready tracks, “The Cooler King” and “Ramblin’ Man,” Contrary to the solemn and calm opening of Roses, “The Cooler King” busts in with an upbeat confidence. Bullitt flexes his uniqueness at the world, with pinpoint-precision understanding of how he differentiates himself from other artists, and masterfully carves our his own space musically, lyrically and artistically from everybody else.

“Ramblin’ Man” is a superb second-track follow-up, where from the immediate strums and licks of the guitar, and the opening hook—”Ridin’ all along, on this long and lonely road, no cash in hand, I’m a ramblin’ man”—it feels as if a mixture of emotions are seeking their way from Bullitt’s heart out to the listener. I expanded on “Ramblin’ Man” in another post, and it still remains my personal favorite on this integrative artwork that blends varying emotions and life experiences into a masterful tapestry.

“Ordinary Average Guy” opens with a hypnotic polyrhythmic hook of classic tube-distorted guitar licking together with a widely-panned vocal delivery. Bullitt expands on his life in Oklahoma, partying with friends in “no fucks given” atmosphere, getting high, listening to music—a steady riding track with a classic feel. Also, look out toward the four-minute mark for a downtempo change-up that catches a completely different wavelength.

The fourth track, “Outlaw,” fills out the instrumental space from the get-go with pianos, string and pad synths, together with the constantly irregular stabs of the hats panning around the audio space while the kicks and snares keep a driving regularity, and Bullitt hooks the listener through the opening with another emotion—fearlessness. The slowed-down gear change in “Outlaw” makes for a wavy new kind of experience. The constant piano ostinato throughout blended with reverberated cymbals, together with guitar and clap entries, all harmonize a new image and feel together with Bullitt’s new angle.

“Oklahoma Sky” reels in an optimistic tone with an experimental approach compared to Bullitt’s other output. Splashes of delayed piano, guitar and string stabs, instruments float around Bullitt’s delivery like clouds in the Oklahoma Sky while Bullitt takes off from his usual rap output to a wide-melodic ranging singing line, doubled and tripled through the spectrum, opened out over the space like the vastness of the sky itself.

The sixth track, “Town Car Muzik 3,” starts much more modestly than every other track on the album. A much more stripped down instrumental synth, bass and kick opening. By the time it develops to more arpeggiated synths, Bullitt once again amazes to show yet another aspect of his delivery, not confining himself to any genre or style, he takes off on a melodic vocal trip, with his characteristic slightly-off-pitch bends that give his unique character to every note. Before you know it, you’re in a full-fledged atmospheric hook that drifts the listener into another planet for a moment, “Let’s ride all night under clear skies, feeling just fine while we ride,” before dropping down to the road for the stripped-down verses once again, where Bullitt’s life-experience rapping rides its own way before take-off again.

“The Devil Went Down” emphasizes Bullitt’s storytelling and suggestive abilities as he unfolds a tale with an instrumental accompaniment that carefully allows the vocal delivery to stand out to absorb Bullitt’s story. Chill guitar licks together with an ostinato of two synth chords throughout and punching kicks undertone Bullitt’s delivery, together with smooth guitar solo bridges to give space for processing the story, before Bullitt gets back into it time and again.

“Ain’t Changed” opens like a chart-topping alt-rock song from the very beginning, supported by Bullitt’s now signature opening hook of a deliberately pitch-bent melodic hook complementing an invention two-lines of clean guitar riffing, before launching in and out of verses that ride Bullitt’s emotional perspective of changes in his life.

“Empty Bottles” brings to the forefront Bullitt’s taking one too many drinks to deal with the stress, and reflecting on the losses against drinking, all the while outpouring his experiences over a steel-stringed acoustic guitar strumming an ongoing chord progression sets the foundation for Bullitt’s heart to open on this one.

Rain and distant thunder dominate the first minute of “Whiskey Sunrise” until an introspective solemn steel-stringed acoustic guitar riff fades in while the storm fades away. Just when you think this is some kind of instrumental outro to the album, at around one minutes and fourty seconds, Bullitt enters with one of his fastest verses on this album in an unexpected verse. Structurally, “Whiskey Sunrise” is the most unique song in the album. From his fastest verse, he shifts into possibly his slowest hook, emotionally engaging a new kind of atmosphere, almost giving the feel of the end of a long, lonely and rainy night. The song and album fades out once again with the rain that opened it up, as if going to sleep in a haze at the very end.

Once again, Bullitt masterfully balances between different emotions from full confidence, to retreat, partying with friends, loneliness, and alcohol and weed always show their face, if only for a little dabble, or extending them more than the blood stream can take and getting faded into a haze.

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Thom Bullitt – The Cooler King

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Thom Bullitt releases his official music video for “The Cooler King,” the lead track from his upcoming album, The Cooler King 2

Born April 1, 1994 in Houston, Texas, Thomas Rodney Oates, Thom Bullitt was raised not on Hip-Hop, but Rock & Roll, Blues, and Pop. He moved to Oklahoma in 2004 which is when he discovered and fell in love with Hip-Hop.

Stream the music video for Thom Bullitt – “The Cooler King” on YouTube:

Style King Marco – Get My Paper

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South side Atlanta artist, Style King Marco, teams up with Kiing on the hook to bring you the single, “Get My Paper”—a song about money and all the things that go along with the pursuit of money. “Get My Paper” is a very fun and upbeat song with over 1 million views on WSHH, 38k on YouTube, and 30k on Spotify.

Style King Marco is an Atlanta artist from the south side, who has worked with artists such as Charlay and Fabo of D4L. I started my own company in 2018 and have been growing fast.

Stream Style King Marco – “Get My Paper”:

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