Queen Drie – Homosapien (Freestyle)

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Homosapien is a deep mind-fuck song about the human experience. This no hook song was recorded in one take and was first performed as a backseat freestyle by Drie. Homosapien explores the depths of the human condition and surrenders power over the condition to God at the end.

Queen. Drie is a Ghanaian-American artist based in Chicago. She started making music in 2020 and has since released 7 singles.

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Breeze Fiend music is like listening to a greatest hits album that got illegally downloaded on DatPiff

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Everything sounds like a classic mixtape with some of the hottest new sounds and concepts you won’t hear anywhere else in the industry. There’s a lot about the hood, promiscuous women, indulgence, ego, spirituality and the persistence it takes to live with a mental disorder.

Breeze Fiend is an independent Recording artist from the new art Mecca, Buffalo New York. Breeze Fiend has been bringing all of his projects and lyrics to life since the day he left his home town. He is very multifaceted but it seems like dark and trippy are his natural habitat.

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Lovoy – Lemon

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The song “Lemon” was made to bring awareness to the National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day, January 15, 2020. Check out an interview with Lovoy here.

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Un contre tous, que le triller commence! L’orphelin aka Don Ca$h représente les rues du Québec.

Stream Don Ca$h, “Un contre tous” on YouTube:–ke3Gu-mjw&fbclid=IwAR2FwVYDNkdRI8qSoHsBtKWFqeZCwsLylbEYy0nLRMnbHOWGK-3w7k7HqjY

HoCo and Mars – Atlas

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HoCo and Mars’ album, Atlas, is a 7-track journey about different phases of romance, spirit and existence. The intertwining of these two unique artists brings a new flavor to music and they hope to continuously inspire every person they come in contact with!

HoCo and Mars is a brand new hip-hop singer/rapper duo. Separately known as Akili (HoCo) and Tre Mars (Mars), they bring a unique sound to hip hop. They have been referred to as the “Ashford & Simpson of Hip-Hop,” as they write all of their own songs and work with many producers from around the world to promote music full of love, spirituality and creative free expression.

Stream HoCo and Mars Atlas:

Bryson Cole – Blur

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Bryson Cole’s “Blur” is a motivational hip hop single with clean lyrics and an approached with an aggressive cadence. The single explains how much work has been put into my craft within the last five years and how fast time has went by.

Bryson Cole is an American rapper, songwriter, and visual director. Raised in Arlington, Texas, Cole is best known for his deep stony voice and his purposeful messaging within his music. Bryson Cole’s thought-provoking lyricism and graveling cadence are the true essences of a legend in the making, and the reinvention of great meaningful Hip-hop music.

Stream Bryson Cole – “Blur”:

TraciLex – UnCut

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TraciLex’s “UnCut” is a laid back track about an everyday female not taking nothing from anyone. TraciLex is a Female artist from Southeast, Washington, D.C. who came into the music industry professionally in 2018. “I am loving every minute and having fun” – TraciLex.

Stream TraciLex – “UnCut”:

The Cross – Game Called Life

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The Cross’ “Game Called Life” is a hip hop song about analyzing some of the current events that are affecting our lives.

From the city of Chicago, comes a seasoned underground veteran by the name of The Cross. His rhymes stimulate the mind in opening up channels to new theories and directions of a different hope instead of the traditional saying of I have a dream. He speaks about making the dream a reality with work behind it. The reality of his rap gives the listeners an illusive visual of the real world that we live in.

Stream The Cross – “Game Called Life” on SoundCloud:

Lvxxviii-Lovoy – Wine

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Lvxxviii-Lovoy’s “Wine” is a dancehall medley with a pop influence.

Los Angeles based Belizean Rapper, Lovoy.

Lovoy, has been honing his skills as a rapper for the past several years and bringing Caribbean and Central American vibes to the big city with his fun fruit-inspired tunes. There’s no better day to check him out then today, National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day!

Originally a choirboy, Lovoy blended his rapping skills with his choir experience, to first express his passions for fruits like Mangoes, Bananas and Papayas. Lovoy’s evolution into music allowed him to extend his range of talents to include photography and video production. As the founder of Royal Bukut, an online social media based record label, Lovoy has the vision of creating kid-friendly productions to share the powerful benefits of fruits in a fun and entertaining way.We sat down with Lovoy to discuss his music and colorful music videos!

Stream Lvxxviii-Lovoy – “Wine” on YouTube:

Melly Gz – Know My Bop

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Check out the single “Know My Bop” by Melly Gz, an upcoming artist on the rise in New York. 

Watch Melly Gz – “Know My Bop” Music Video on YouTube:

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