Unspeakable Vehicle – Unspeakable Vehicle EP

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Unspeakable Vehicle’s Unspeakable Vehicle EP is weird mix of about three different genres. It takes a lot of inspiration from bands like The Beatles and Tame Impala when wondering how to construct the instrumental. The lyrics are rather simple.

Unspeakable Vehicle is an online band, consisting of three different members from different places around the world. Two live in the U.S. and the third lives in Germany.

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Vinyl Circles – Cannikin

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Vinyl Circles Cannikin is a bright techno album full of energy and diversity. Vinyl Circles is an artist striving to fill the musical world with interesting positive recognizable music. He grew up with rock and metal, but the more that time passed, the more Vinyl Circles realized that it doesn’t matter what the style of music is—the main thing is that it is created with the soul.

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Blacc Cuzz – Rush

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Blacc Cuzz uplifts the southern part of the USA by releasing his newest single “Rush.” The single is all about the money. Hailing from Pittsburgh PA, Blacc Cuzz is making it his point to take over every trap in the world. No cut on this product. This is exactly what the streets needed. Authentic trap music motivation. Packed with hard-hitting tracks, this project is sure to leave you wanting more.

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Indiscretion – I’m for Real

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“I’m for Real” is taken from Biggroove Music Chill out volume 1 compilation album.

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Salvatore De Nardo – Tempo

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“Tempo” is the latest single by Salvatore De Nardo, a new German/Italian singer, songwriter and producer, originally from Naples, Italy, and currently living in Frankfurt, Germany. 

“Tempo” is driven by a passionate piano ostinato and a delayed or echoing rhythmic guitar lick. The song soon reveals Salvatore’s full-yet-subtle, and sweet-yet-manly voice, and then gradually unfolds more and more instrumental layers—delicate cymbal splashes, ethereal synthesized pad strings, and a rising flute—leading into a climactic chorus that adds a bold kick in the drums, and a fuller layering of pads and guitars. The chorus comes after a significant bridge section build-up, after nearly one-and-a-half minutes of the song, successfully guiding the listener into its climax.

After the chorus, “Tempo” continues with additional drive, helped along with more hi-hat, snare and synth pad involvement. If the initial build-up to chorus was a rather long one, the second time around, Salvatore reels in the chorus very quickly after a verse, and then leads out the track.

“Tempo” displays a very careful and subtle treatment of all instruments and voice throughout, both in performance and production. The music video equally is done very tastefully, showing how genuinely and passionately Salvatore performs the voice for the song. In Salvatore’s words, “music is my passion”… and it definitely both sounds and shows.

“Tempo” is a very emotional song that was self-composed, written and produced. The song is about older generations / older people who are neglected in everyday life because they are excluded from society, because people are too old and nobody really cares about the elderly. The song is also about the older people going back to the past every day in their thoughts and thinking back to their memories, because the old people have no choice but to remember the past in order to recharge their batteries and live on.

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Stran – Feel the Light

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Stran’s “Feel the Light” is a future bass/electronic song about two people, of course boy and girl, where the boy said that “things were not right between us but let’s just make it right ’cause we both wanna feel the light, where there is hope.”

Stream Stran – Feel the Light on Spotify:

Follow Stran on Instagram: @iam_stran

Dhampir – Dance Floor

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Dhampir’s full name is Daniil Vavenkov. He was born on July 1, 1998, in Russia, in the city of Dimitrovgrad, and makes music in English in the genre of hip hop and pop.

Stream Dhampir – “Dance Floor” on YouTube:

Bart Simp – Energy Bae [Music Video]

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The new single by Bart Simp, “Energy Bae,” is taken from his upcoming album, Slum Baby. The song includes“OG The Reaper. The two young artists are from Montgomery and Selma in Alabama. Bart Simp has stated that his next album Slum Baby will drop later in 2020. This comes after his previously release “Simp Curry 2,” available on all major music distribution platforms.

Watch the Bart Simp – “Energy Bae” Music Video on YouTube:

Brix Boston – Where Was You

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Re-release of Brix Boston’s 2014 physical single “Where Was You” digitized and re-released on Hoodgrown Records— Brix (Boston) confronts fake and fairweather friendships and having to cope with her struggles alone over the years. The song is soon to be available for the first time on all major streaming platforms September 1, 2020 and placed second in DJ Kurupt’s “Streetz is Talking” song contest.

Female rapper and producer Brix Boston, formerly Brix, was born in Cambridge Massachusetts and grew up in the Wainright Park area of Dorchester of Boston. She retired her career in music after having a child with Autism. She’s returned years later to digitally release old favorites of her locally esteemed legacy music and to finish the albums she never released.

Stream Brix Boston – “Where Was You” on SoundCloud:

Trum – Don’t Shoot

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“Don’t Shoot” by Trum is a song is relation to police brutality on African Americans that has been going for years in our country.

Trum has been a rapper for over 10 years. He started rapping when he used to be in the trap but he didn’t take it seriously. He really got into being an artist when he was incarcerated for a year. He came home with a folder full of songs and a vision.

Stream Trum – “Don’t Shoot” on YouTube:

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