Tazewell – Kontac

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Tazewell - Kontac

Tazewell’s “Kontac” is a classic breath of organic hip hop/rap meets conscious poetry.

Tazewell, an artist from Southside 7 City’s Virginia.

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Loverswasteland – Heartbreak City

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Loverswasteland (@lov3rswasteland) is an artist of dark, alternative hip hop from Australia’s Gold Coast. His music is inspired by genres as diverse as classic hip hop, rock, and alternative music, making for a vibrant and personable twist. Fans of artists such as Mac Miller, Lil Peep and Travis Scott are definitely going to connect with his melodic, yet earnest lyrical flow, as well as his punchy melodies and aesthetics.

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Adwo – The Chase

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Adwo’s “The Chase” is a song about a chasing someone you love. Adwo is a Minnesota millennial blending hip hop and pop.

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Lucifer Menace – The Revelation

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Considered the Marilyn Manson of hip hop, Lucifer Menace is taking horrorcore and hip hop combining it into his own genre. With a provocative name and witty flow, he took this first LP and took the world by storm expressing his anger & regret towards the once-beloved being most referred to as “God.”

Residing in Sin City, also known as Las Vegas, Lucifer came from a town in Trenton NJ. Music not accepted by most in his area, he took storm online and gained a following of 9,000+ followers in a few months. He doesn’t just create music, he creates pure emotion and spews it through his lyrics.

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Gunnr6ix – Breathing

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Gunnr6ix’s “Breathing” is his 4th single off his upcoming album 50/50. “Breathing” is the first of many songs Gunnr6ix made to help himself out of a mental state he was in. “Breathing” is full of energy and facts about Gunnr6ix’s life.

Gunnr6ix is an artist living in Columbus, Ohio.

JC – Way Out

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JC’s single “Way Out” is about music getting him out of where he is to where he wants to be. He cleverly designs the song to make you think he’s talking about a girl, but he’s really talking about music.

JC is a music artist and former football player born and bred in London, UK. He has a Portuguese background. He’s now making good UK R&B and hip hop music. In the words of JC, “I found my passion and talent in music and so I’m letting the whole world come with me through my journey. My lyrics mean something to me and are about me, my friends or close ones.

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  • Instagram: @itsjc1
  • Snapchat: @Joncenteno

La Joey – Lost in the Crowd

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La Joey’s “Lost in the Crowd” is a song about having the girl of your dreams but losing her in the crowd. Referencing to fame, friends, and just pushing her off to the side all the time making her feel unimportant.

Wadson Joseph from Naples Florida “The 239”
Just a guy trying to make music and make a name for himself you know. I want to make music about other things besides just drugs violence and who beat the most cases I’m just trying to create a vibe with my music. I represent 239 since that’s where I’m from but I stay in San Diego.

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Dave La – Moral of the Story

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Dave La’s “Moral of the Story” is a single that basically explains the life that Dave La lives. Dave La is an artist from Brooklyn, New York.

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Frais – Cursed

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Frais’ latest project “Cursed” is an expression of life from his perspective. Frais credits honing his craft which is mainly influenced by Kanye West, vintage Lil Wayne.

Through his music Frais gives you his life. Growing up in the hood on the West side of Charlotte, he relished going against the norm, embodying multi-cultural arts and fashion. Frais embraces standing out from his surroundings, each life lesson driving him towards a greater goal. Self-dependence, determination, preservation and awareness were only a few of the attributes instilled early coming from a single parent household. Frais took the negative lessons of life and utilized them as a compass, a compass which helped him navigate his own riotous path. A path in which Frais began pursuing music, videography, and clothing design.

Stream Frais “Cursed”:

Obey – Snowy Days

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Obey’s “Snowy Days” is a 130 BPM trap beat with 808’s that go hard, its a song that makes you get pumped up and ready for anything. Obey is a young Producer from Minnesota who has been producing for about a year, and who has learned a lot in that time.

Stream on SoundCloud:

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