Bfffth – Like Waves

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Bfffth’s Like Waves is a two-track connection of opposites: extreme and calming, harsh and gentle, noisy and quietly ambient—when listened to over time. It is bedded by heartbeat-like pulsations of drums crunching together at speeds just under the boundary between rhythm and pitch. The pounding waves of the heartbeat-like pulsations are the desire to receive, which drives within harmoniously-enveloping waves of synths, electric guitars, strings, pads and drums. Other than the wavy pulsating rhythms, both tracks on Like Waves share a gradually-building energy to an enormous intensity over about a 20-minute period each. The music of Like Waves, as in the cover art by Zenita Komad, aims to portrays two opposite levels flowing together: the level of the egoistic self in the ocean of a much higher level where—as written on the artwork—everybody is “immersing in goodness and compassion” and where “we experience perfection.”

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Th3rdEye Randis – Silent Hillz

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“Silent Hillz” is Th3rdEye Randis’ latest single. Th3rdEye Randis is a dark trap producer, writer, mixer and masterer, who among his musical output makes $uicideboy$, Night Lovell and Castlevania type beats. The topics he discusses in his lyrics include Christian religion, doubts, beliefs, Satanism, selling his soul, guns and violence, and light at the end of the tunnel.

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Princess Rock – Automatic

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This is Princess Rock’s follow up to her debut “Doo Wop.” “Automatic” shows another more mature side of the young teenage hip hop star in the making. Streaming now on all platforms, “Automatic” with it’s Caribbean undertones makes it clear it’s a dub if you playing games with her heart.

About Princess Rock: When it comes to balancing classic rap with contemporary musicality, not many rappers today can do the job, but one on-the-rise rapper named Princess Rock has already done it. The release of her first single, “Doo Wop,” is demonstrating her flawless rapping abilities which go far beyond mere vocals; she is a songwriter in her own right.

What’s perhaps surprising to many who hear her music for the first time is that Princess Rock is still a teen. She might only be fifteen years old, but Princess Rock is etching her own place in rap royalty. Citing influences such as Drake, Teyana Taylor, and Big Sean, Princess Rock wants to in particular inspire young girls with her unique musicality. In person, Princess Rock has a big personality to match her sound, and being a Philadelphia native, she has been steeped in authentic rap in a tradition that began as a child.

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Almighty Bandz & King Smooth Ace – Havin Things

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Check out the new album by Houston’s Almighty Bandz & King Smooth Ace, Havin Things. Presented by The New North Entertainment.

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Satish Dat Beast – Three-Car Garage

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Satish Dat Beast turns up the heat with yet another party banger, “Three-Car Garage.” Check out the single and music video on YouTube.

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Thom Bullitt – Sunset [Single Review]

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“Sunset” is the lead single from Thom Bullitt’s upcoming synth/hip-hop EP, Nightrider 2021, which is the official follow-up to his 2017 EP, Nightrider

Opening with descending arpeggiated light synth stabs among a wave of atmospheric pads in a minor key setting the scene for a four-to-the-floor melancholic drive that bases Thom Bullitt’s characteristic vocal delivery that always does something different to what you’d expect, mostly in terms of pitch and inflection.

As with all of Bullitt’s materials, the lyrics and vocals penetrate confidently throughout. As with several of his songs, the hook and verses seemingly flow as a unified whole, playing repetitively throughout, with looping additives and subtractives over the course of the song. All of the song’s elements weave harmoniously to sweep the listener into a fluctuating, wavey, rolling and riding atmosphere, skillfully communicating Bullitt’s messages about heading out into the unknown, “while I ride all night into the Sunset.”

The vocal reverb and call-and-response with the voice expanding to the sides and coming back to the middle operate as a strikingly balanced atmosphere with the sharply hitting drums down the middle, and the synth pads flowing around the sides.

All in all, a mesmerizing and soothing experience that gives a true feeling of heading down a long road into the sunset, Thom Bullitt invites the listener with him on a captivating trance-inducing entrance to a new dimension.

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About Thom Bullitt: Born April 1, 1994 in Houston, Texas, Thomas Rodney Oates, Thom Bullitt was primarily raised around Rock & Roll, Blues, and Pop, contrary to belief. In 2004, Thomas would move away from the big city life in Houston to a more relaxed life in Edmond, Oklahoma – a suburb just north of Oklahoma City; shortly after which, he discovered and fell in love with Hip-Hop. Thomas began writing songs in high school – the first of which came in 2010 – and was eventually labelled in the senior yearbook as “Most Likely To Move To Houston And Become A Rapper” by his classmates. Shortly after graduating high school in 2012, he began recording his songs, but it would take time for him to develop his own style and comfort within the music industry. Thomas released his first full-length EP in December 2015 titled ‘The Cooler King’ under the moniker Thom Bullitt – a self-chosen title utilizing his high school nickname derived from his love of classic Steve McQueen films as well as a creative take on the shortened version of the name Thomas. Over the next years, Bullitt would go on to release 2 more EPs – ‘Bricktown Nights’ in 2016 & ‘NIGHTRIDER’ in 2017; ‘NIGHTRIDER’ being created as a way to transition out of the music world. Following the release of ‘NIGHTRIDER’, Bullitt would take a nearly 3 year hiatus from music to rediscover himself while fighting a battle against depression and alcoholism.

Eventually, Bullitt decided to return to music, this time under the stage name Papillon – the French translation of butterfly, which was deemed fitting based on both mental and physical growth as well as a new sense of self-comfort in the world. Bullitt would release his first EP using the name Papillon in September of 2019 titled ‘Roses’, which was met with shock and curiosity due to the fact that this EP featured a more Country & Rock influence than his previous endeavors, which featured a heavy Dirty South Hip-Hop sound. Following the release of ‘Roses’, Bullitt would transition back into releasing new music under the Thom Bullitt moniker to avoid confusion and lower the risk of his music getting lost in someone else’s discography. With a new outlook on life and a renewed love for Hip-Hop and creating music, Bullitt chose to create a sequel EP to his 2015 release, titled ‘The Cooler King 2’, which went through many changes before eventually being released on October 5, 2020.

During his career, Bullitt would become one half of the Oklahoma City based hip-hop group Bacardi Gang, a title he still carries to this day even though the group is no longer actively working together. Accompanied by the catchphrase “LIVIN IT”, Bullitt has been keen to let his music speak for itself and is rarely seen actively using others to influence his progress, preferring instead to maintain a low profile and avoid drama letting the music itself take the spotlight. – The Seanner

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It all starts with a birth, leading to a survival that we call everyday life. Wonderful everyday life. So why does boredom keep coming back? What are we looking for when we have doubts? Beauty is in everyday life that we transcend. But how many will get there before their end? The Seanner is this voyage. is an artist from Paris exploring and digging through the old vinyl and lo-fi vibes. Influenced by 90’s techno and hip hop, only wants to chill and shudder while making and listening to music. During the day, is an engineer, in order to be truly free when it comes to producing independent music.

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Sophia Venn – Save Me [Album]

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Singer and songwriter from the bustling city of Beijing, China, Sophia Venn has just released her first full English album to the world, Save Me. It is a collection of six songs with a twist of genres to each song. With her unique style and vocals, it will blow you away. Check out this vixen out of China who recently signed with Ghoust Music Group out of Atlanta, Georgia. She is a force to be reckoned with.

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Alaska MC – All This Love feat. Adante

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Birmingham’s best come together for this track. The legendary Alaska MC locks into a soulful, guitar and hip hop groove, accompanied by the prestigious singing of Adante. Alaska paints a vivid picture of life growing up, how life could be and how to make it better with an intense untraditional ‘take’em to church’ delivery that’ll stick in your head and touch the heart. Produced by Jim Johnson – you can’t go wrong with all this love.

Alaska MC is an articulate, energetic fun-focused, reality based vocalist who loves to perform and entertain people and beings from all walks of life and of all ages. Hailing from South Florida; now residing in the UK.

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TRUTHR – Something Epic (Starring EWON)

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An audiovisual collaboration between rapper TRUTHR and graffiti writer EWON. The two teamed up on a masterpiece underneath a bridge, as TRUTHR spits pure fire and EWON paints a vivid picture in that background.

TRUTHR hails from Sonoma, CA and currently resides in Norfolk, VA. Amazing flow, catchy melodies, and soul piercing lyrics are characteristics that come to mind.

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