NØBLE – In My Zone

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“My goal for this single was to push the boundary for what vibes can be intertwined to create a whole new vibe that is unmatched. This past year I’ve been wanting to incorporate my tame impala influence with my hip hop influence. I like to think I accomplished that with this song.”  – NØBLE (Ethan Keller)

NØBLE (Ethan Keller), 22, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Self-produced since 16. First time release of his own music.

“I want to blow up so I can give this generation someone they look up to.” – NØBLE (Ethan Keller)

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Lil Nunni – OP Conversation

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16-year-old Houston rapper Lil Nunni brings on a combination of a love song, melody-type beat with a thug swag on the course, in “OP Conversation.” A different swag than what’s currently out. Find a large catalog of Lil Nunni’s music on Apple Music and videos on YouTube.

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Reala G – They Try to Control Us

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Reala G’s single “They Try to Control Us” is about the realness and state of hip hop today, how the game is played by the industry. Reala G is a rapper with an old school flava representing Southgate, Crawley, UK.

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Yvng Houdini – All Dis Shit

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“All Dis Shit” is the lead single from Yvng Houdini’s album Wake Up Houdini. The song boasts an extremely catchy hook and a very energetic Latino vibe. In the words of Yvng Houdini: “I wanted to create a track you can dance to, a song for the club.” It is currently Yvng Houdini’s most-streamed song on Spotify to date.

Yvng Houdini is a Swiss rapper from Disentis.

His biggest influences are artists like: Kendrick Lamar, Denzel Curry, J. Cole, Meechy Darko, Ab-Soul, Jay-Z, Eminem and Andre 3000.

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Lowkey Gifted – Lowkey On The Come Up [EP]

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A fresh new vibe with a wide range sound mixed with Hip Hop, Rnb and Rap sounds. Influenced by the likes of J. Cole, Nas, Ty Dolla Sign and Swidt.

Lowkey Gifted is a Perth, Australia based Hip Hop/R&B group consisting of 3 members – M.I.N, K. Thomas & Trajikk.

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Bobby Gore – Go and Get It

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After releasing more than 200 songs where he either produced and/or recorded himself, Bobby Gore has released his lead single, “Go and Get It”, available on iTunes and all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. This self-produced track sculpts Bobby’s sounds as he uncovers his purpose to remain laser focus on his mission while simultaneously enticing his listeners to go after their desires.

Bobby Gore hails from the North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago, IL. For the past 15 years, Bobby has spent his time traveling back and fourth between Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, San Francisco, & Los Angeles as a music producer and engineer, songwriter & artist. Currently pursuing his third masters degree, Bobby Gore’s sole mission is to be a spokesman for all those that grew up in neighborhoods similar to his west side of Chicago roots. With a sound based in soul samples and new age synth arrangements, Bobby Gore’s sound is one that you are sure to love.

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803 Leel – Risk Taker [Album]

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The album Risk Taker subtly shows how 803 Leel views life in whole. The main objective is to have a positive perspective of everything in life and to face your demons with no fear. 803 Leel explains in this album that as easy as it sounds, there are risks to take walking out of this world full of evil with good intent. Bringing spirits and god into music is the new evolution of the rap game and Risk Taker will be of the first to do so.

803 Leel is a rapper from Columbia, South Carolina setting a new wave in the rap game. But his style and flow is Atlanta-based, which is where he spent half of his life.

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Mike Dixon – Good Luv

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Good Luv. A true story, symbolising the value of a man who knows what he wants and how to please a girl. Bringing to the light a big truth for a lot of females who get caught up in a lot of bad relationships or situation-ships. A song with substance yet a complete vibe that can be caught in any mood.

Mike Dixon is a rapper from Blachkeath, Southeast London. Influenced by everything from trap to original lyrical hip-hop, his fluent wordplay and unpredictable lyrical flow set him apart from his peers. After developing his style for years.

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Dodi – Rar3

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Dodi’s music style is as hard as the concrete he grew up on. His music is an echo of his life story and pulls no punches. His lyrics leave you with a vivid and gritty depiction of what he has been through to the point you are reliving it with him. This makes listening to his music a truly personal experience. As his faith is of upmost importance to him and a positive influence in his life, it is ever present in his music. This gives his music a whole new level of depth that you do not get with every artist making it all the more unique. One thing you can take away from his music is that he is not a Hip Hop gimmick, every story and situation told is true. Giving a very detailed picture of the streets that made him who he is today. His music is not made to glorify what he has been through but should be thought of more as a musical memoir.

Dodi is the true definition of what a street conscious rap artist is. Although he is currently fighting a murder trial he refuses to let this stand in his way and continues to make heartfelt street music. He is a young black male hailing from Georgia and is currently signed to Renegade Muzik. He is also a proud Muslim and has been guided through all of his trials and tribulations by Allah.

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Mag – Designer feat. ZoneNaxis

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Mag is a hip hop artist/songwriter from Lancaster, PA (The Lanc). On August 28, 2019, Mag dropped his debut album entitled I Am Mag. It was met with high praise and the songs “My Last” and “Blessed” received radio plays. On September 23, 2019, Mag dropped his 2nd professional project entitled “Designer” featuring ZoneNaxis. It has received radio plays. Mag has stayed hard at work releasing two other singles in October of 2019—”Standards” and “Lanc”—and he plans to release two more “Been Through” and “Steph” in November, 2019.

Mag is known for being relentless with his songmaking. Mag’s latest album can be found on Spotify and other major streaming platforms.

Stream Mag – Designer feat. ZoneNaxis on Spotify:

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