Ethanpil – Fuk Being Famous, Vol. 1

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Fuk Being Famous, Vol. 1 is the latest project from West Coast rapper-producer, Ethanpil. The 8-track project makes a bold statement about Ethanpil’s place in music, and ultimately, in the world.

About Ethanpil: Sir Douglas Anthony Beeks; better known by his artist and stage name Ethanpil (ever thing has a natural purpose in life) is an American producer, songwriter, composer, voice over artist and rapper born in Long Beach, California that currently resides in Bakersfield, California. As a producer he has produced, mixed and slightly mastered multiple albums and tracks by artist such as YUKMOUTH, D’LO, KING CHUCKY, STEADY, B3, MONTANA MONTANA MONTANA, COLD CODY, BeatsbyKEv. In 2008 he co-founded the production team SKIMASK PRO FAM (Skimask Production Family) and has had local radio success with a couple songs gaining radio air play. In 2018 Ethanpil released his 1st mixtape with STEADY (album can be downloaded and streamed on Datpiff) as well as featured and collaborated on individual tracks with local artist. This artist has worked with several producers in collaboration works and is releasing his debut solo album entitled Welcome to the Madness on September 10th 2021. As a songwriter he was noticed by DR. Margareta (Maya) Ackerman (Named “2020 Woman of Influence” by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and who is the CEO/Co-Founder of WaveAI, a leading musical AI startup) in mid 2021 and shortly after signed a contract to endorse one of her products (LyricStudio).

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Blvck Ash – Homeless

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Homeless is a new album by Blvck Ash, where he raps about going through homelessness and the experience as a whole. Blvck Ash is an advocate for the homeless and he brings about homeless awareness in his music. He also raps about mental health problems through past experiences. Blvck Ash is a Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN and Chicago, IL-based artist.

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Musy Da Don – Feel My Vybe

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Feel My Vybe is a mixtape by Musy Da Don and produced by the super producer Vybe Beatz. Musy shows his versatility on 8 fire tracks with “Michael Phelps” being the leading banger with the most plays. The mixtape came about when Musy was bet by a close acquaintance that he couldn’t make a mixtape in a week. This is the product of that bet which Musy won.

Musy Da Don is a rapper and producer from Tacoma, WA with ties to Washington D.C. and Brooklyn, NY. This half Trinidadian half American artist has been making music for over 10 years, but decided recently to take it to the next step. When it comes to his craft, he is in a league of his own. Fans often can’t pinpoint an artist that sounds familiar. According to him, his different style comes from his life experiences and incorporating things he has learned from the many places he’s traveled.

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Main1 – Coast2Coast feat. Odin

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Check out the new single “Coast2Coast” by Main1 feat. Odin, produced by CookinBeatz. 

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Filipe Rodrigues – I Can Dream

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“I Can Dream” by Filipe Rodrigues is a new pop rock / alternative rock song that talks about a father who does not see his child for a while, and who dreams for the day when he will met him again. It is a sad song, but it is also motivational.

As a songwriter and producer of electronic, rock, and pop music, Filipe Rodrigues has built a long and successful career on music that matters. He is very passionate and always involved in the process of creating experimental and complex songs.

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Kazh – Darth Vader feat. Merkules and King Benz

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“Darth Vader” is the newest single by Kazh, and features Merkules and King Benz. 

Kazh is an artist from Victoria, BC.

Stream Kazh – “Darth Vader” on YouTube:

FBB TP – On My Soul feat. Mafia Cee

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“On My Soul” by FBB TP and featuring Mafia Cee is all from the soul. Hope you feel it. FBB TP is an artist from Houma, Louisiana.

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“No Contest” by DROOZYBEATS is a braggadocio rap song about a guy trying to keep it real.

DROOZYBEATS is a hip hop and electronic producer from San Diego.

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KIDR – Money Talk

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KIDR is a Seattle-based rapper, producer, and singer. His biggest song is “Money Talk” and it has amassed over 15M views/streams across all music platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. KIDR releases music every other week and has been doing so for some time now. His music is buzzing and he has a story to tell.

Starting rapping at a young age, KIDR’s sound has evolved over the years. Slowly but surely, it has morphed and formed into his now signature-timbre and flow.

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Jfreeze – Departing

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Another recent single release by Jfreeze, “Departing.” Hard-hitting writing straight from the heart by this artist from Brisbane, Australia.

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