38-11 – Walk in Unity feat. Extra Prolific And Stones Moyo

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Extra Prolific, (Like It Should Be) of Oakland, and Stones Moyo, of Zimbabwe, team up together and speak about the disease of Black on Black violence from an American and African perspective. This song is to push for more unity among men and women of African/Black descent.

C E Taylor, 38-11, is an electronic music and hip-hop producer living in Los Angeles. He’s collaborated with instrumentalists, vocalists and MC’s to create original and unique electronic, dance and hip hop music.

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The ZYG 808 – Beat Lounge Notes

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An introduction to the land of Southcoast Thump & Soul. The ZYG 808 brings that boom bap, with a taste of trap, and he’s a straight up Emcee, ’cause he does more than rap. Beats made from scratch with the lyrics to match.

The ZYG 808 is a 2-time Grammy nominated composer, musician, producer, and performer of hip-hop, nu-jazz, r&b, and edm. He calls his style ‘Southcoast Thump’ and he represents Southeastern Massachusetts. A formidable MC/rapper, beat maker and producer, The ZYG 808 started his own label, Soul Poet Records at age 14 to hawk his mixtape while busking on the streets of Boston and Cape Cod in the summer as a rapping drummer (earning the nickname 808, like the drum machine). A lot to accomplish for somebody born in 2003.

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RXTHERAPPER x 80 Empire – UNO feat. San Quinn

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Releasing April 2nd “UNO” is the official jump off single from the debut EP Life after life by RXTHERAPPER and 80 Empire. “UNO” ft. San Quinn. On this West coast inspired Banger, the fellas trade Bars over a Funky Synth that will surely take you on a trip from the Bay to Canada.

The highly Anticipated EP is scheduled to release this summer with A Guest appearance from Dj Efn 1/2 of Drink Champs (Revolt TV).

Multi Platinum Top 20 Billboard Charting Artist/ Producers “80 Empire” Hailing from Toronto based in Niagra Falls, Team up W/ RXTHERAPPER aka Rx (From Emmy Nominated Documentary) “Crack in the System” Soundtrack Hailing from Pleasant Hill, California based in Los Angeles to create their EP “Life After Life.”

Pre-Save RXTHERAPPER x 80 Empire – “UNO” feat. San Quinn:

Other music by RXTHERAPPER:

Travis Shyn – Shattered

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Time stops with heartbreaks on Travis Shyn’s New Single, “Shattered.” The emotion everyone feels at least once in a lifetime, after a breakup – and then asking yourself, “Did I Ever Matter?”

“Shattered,” tells a story of a broken partnership that ended abruptly on a one-sided scale. Travis Shyn, part of his signature lyrics, serves as a piece of his heart in the lyrics and the emotion he portrays with his vocals. The single commences with an emotional piano chord arrangement and melody. With tasty vocal FX, “Shattered” hits his hard with the drums’ downbeat and the subtle 808 to add a rawness punch. The hook, easily memorable, feels like a brainworm, which we can always expect from the Virginia-based artist. With a new album coming in Quater 2 (Q2), we can expect more top charters from Travis Shyn.

About Travis Shyn: Travis Shin Chun Myung Yi, a.k.a. Travis Shyn, 42 years old, is a Korean America artist based out of Virginia, US. He has been feverishly working on developing his signature sound. Mixing Pop elements with Hip Hop injections, Travis Shyn composes from the heart, from every word he writes down to every note he sings out loud.

Travis Shyn has been a creator since 2018, with influences from JuiceWlrd, Maroon 5, and Boyz 2 Men. He strives to perfect his sound as he makes his mark in the industry. He is in the works, crafting his full-length album due out in Quater 2 (Q2).

With no limitation in creativity and emotion, Travis Shyn is an artist to watch out for in 2021.

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IAmKeyNotes x Drake – All These People

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Fresh off his platinum success with his break out record “Buss It Down” featuring DaBaby and Petey Pablo, currently at over 2 million streams, IAmKeyNotes is back with an assist from Champagne Papi as they release “All These People” from his highly anticipated upcoming album.

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Sage Suede – Thicc Juicy Bass [Album]

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Sage Suede’s album Thicc Juicy Bass is written in English, Spanish and Portuguese. It starts as a fusion of hip hop and EDM, and then transitions into tracks that are influenced by baile funk and reggaeton. Due to pandemic, the album’s music videos were made in 3D. Then they were featured in a digital exhibition at The Gallery ATX.

Sage Suede is an independent music producer in Austin, TX. He makes electronic hip hop fusions and writes music in several languages. He released his debut album Thicc Juicy Bass in June 2020 to critical acclaim. For more info about Sage Suede, see

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Watch the album’s music videos (made in 3D and featured in a digital exhibition at The Gallery ATX):

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Y.N.X.716 – 97 Nas

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“97 Nas” by Y.N.X.716 is a tribute song to recent Grammy winner and hip hop legend, Nas.

Y.N.X.716 is a hip hop lyricist from Buffalo, NY. He delivers a 90s sound that takes you back to the essence of hip hop. He has worked with elite artists such as Conway The Machine and Kool G Rap.

Stream Y.N.X.716 – “97 Nas” on YouTube:

Zack Knight – Ego

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London-based singer and music producer, Zack Knight, just released “Ego,” a song about a toxic relationship.

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– Rell – Golden Era Vol 1

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– Rell, a hip hop and rap artist from Highbridge, the Bronx, has released a new 5-track project, Golden Era Vol 1. In the words of – Rell: “When I think golden era to me it means the highest quality in an era with great influence. This is my aura. My music is authentic and meaningful with a smooth delivery. My goal is not the clubs or the radio. My purpose is the message and the energy I give to anyone who take the time to listen. I promise you’ll leave with more than a couple jewels … Golden Era Vol 1.”

– Rell is an artist from the Highbridge section of the Bronx. His flow and delivery give off a classic feel.

Stream – Rell – Golden Era Vol 1 on Audiomack:

Zach G – Y.F.N.R.

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Zach G’s new project Y.F.N.R. set to release on all major music distribution outlets on Friday, March 26, stands for “Your Friendly Neighborhood Rapper.” It is full of chill vibe-out tracks and hard-hitting bar-heavy tracks. The meaning that created this project was becoming a better version of yourself and leveling up to become your own personal hero.

Zach G is an artist from Fort Worth, Texas and found his love for hip hop cruising in the car with his dad on the way to kickboxing tournaments listening to the likes of Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Eminem, 2pac and more. He also spent several car rides with his mother listening to Beastie Boys and going to the record store to get a cassette tape of a Big Tymers album. Zach has been making music for about two years and is more driven and focused on his success than ever.

Stream Zach G. Y.F.N.R. on SoundCloud:

Stay Tuned for the Official Release of Zach G’s Y.F.N.R. on Friday, March 26!

Zach G

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