Frankie Volo – Your Breath [Conic Circle]

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Conic Circle imprint of Frankie Volo has decided to celebrate five years of the track ‘Your Breath’ with two releases. The first track the classic original which was very successful. The second track deliver a master class in left of centre electronic music. It ranges in style from the Frankie Volo hypnotic steeliness of ‘Your Breath’ to put on a line tech-house like as well as the atmospheric space techno. Clearly, Frankie Volo is at home making a wide variety of underground electronic music – the common bond is his ability to focus on the deeper end of the spectrum.

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Knox Rain Carter – Straight from …

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Mr. Carter provides quality lyrics wrapped in bass tones so the music gets heard through loud Rap in the new Hip Hop age.

In the words of Knox Rain Carter: “I don’t record, this is live. I represent no city, I will come to your home one way or the other.”

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Wiked Wood – All 8 (ft. D-Lyrical) [Official Music Video]

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Wiked Wood, the east coast underground rap duo made up of Grave-Bait & Cray-Z, have teamed up with RoxxxTV for their latest music video premiere of “All 8” featuring D-Lyrical, who some may remember from ICP’s “Intelligence & Violence” in the early 90’s. The collaborative remix from the 3 emcees of the hip hop classic “The Choice Is Yours by Black Sheep” originally appeared on Underground Nation Magazine’s “Murder The 90’s Mixtape” in 2019.  With cinematography from Josh Hyland and backdrop of Philadelphia’s Graffiti Pier the visuals of “All 8” finally became a reality just in time for the 2020 new year.

Fans can learn more about Wiked Wood’s tour schedule and  upcoming release “Simulated Reality” by connecting with them on social media, via their website.

Stream Wiked Wood – All 8 (ft. D-Lyrical) [Official Music Video]:

Kalif Kalif – Forever (Prod. Fury Beats)

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Kalif Kalif “Forever” drops just in time for Valentine’s Day. Pump this in your system for your significant other if she is into lighter hip hop with an R&B vibe.

Kalif Kalif has found his calling as a prolific writer and storyteller. If you are a fan of legendary artists such as Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and others like them, Kalif Kalif is a must have for your collection. Whitsett, NC.

Stream Kalif Kalif – “Forever” (Prod. Fury Beats):


Fac Marlo – Streets Most Hated

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Fac Marlo’s “Streets Most Hated” is now available on all platforms.

About Fac Marlo: Marlin Ostrom, also known by his stage name Fac Marlo (FAC stands for Family Always Counts) is a talented hip-hop/rapper, songwriter, and engineering producer, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. He writes about his trials and tribulations while allowing fans to see what life was like for him growing up through his music videos. Life hasn’t been easy for the rapper and he has had to learn things the hard way, but he puts that all into his raw lyrics. Rapper Fac Marlo is known for such songs as “Momma Pray”, “After Life”, and “11 years”.

Fac Marlo was only a kid when he started writing and recording songs. His career reached new heights when he got the opportunity to open up for Project Pat, part of the rap group Three 6 Mafia in Akron, OH. Fac Marlo is rising above some of the trials and tribulations he’s faced and he learned that with every circumstance we gain strength to rebuild. He has grown from his bad boy ways and is focused on music and showing how everyone can change.

Stream Fac Marlo – Streets Most Hated on YouTube:

Rambo Malik – Are You Sober?

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Melodic sound cloud rap, clout culture. Rambo Malik is a audio engineer and recording artist, who’s music explores themes of mental health, substance abuse, and failed relationships.

Stream Rambo Malik – “Are You Sober?” on YouTube:

Daniel Najar – Hate

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In the words of Daniel Najar: “I wrote this song ‘Hate’ when I was thinking about all the hate we have in the world today. From all the negativity online and off it there seems to be a lot of anger and rage going on in our society. It can feel at times no matter what a person does or accomplishes it will be followed by some Hate.”

About Daniel Najar:

My name is Daniel Najar and Hip-Hop has been my number one interest in life since I was a young kid. My family were Jehovah Witnesses and on the weekends we had to go door to door preaching the religion. One day a lady let us into her house and she was explaining to the older guy I was with that her song was rebellious and listed to “Rap Music”. Her son shortly came out of his room and I could hear The Real Slim Shady by Eminem in the background. The next week I went down stairs and my sister had MTV on the TV and I got to watch The Real Slim Shady music video and was deeply intrigued by this blond character in what was a mental institution doing all sort of theatrics while rapping at a high level. After that I got The Marshall Mathers LP through a catalog and have been hooked on the genre ever since. I’ve listened to most artists discography bottom to top and am a fan of mostly every artist for taking the time to share their story/perspective through music. I ended up having a very crazy life of my own and at the age of 24 I began to take rapping seriously and pursue a career in music. I feel that I can add some value into Hip-Hop and constantly challenge myself rapping and look forward to sharing my life story with the world one day.

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Marans – FYGA

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Although I don’t understand Italian or French, I understand a unique party vibe when I hear one, and Marans’ “FYGA” is just that. A superimposition of melodic-percussive digital steelpan attacks, chordal piano stabs and occasional orchestral synth hits, mixed with enveloping trumpet licks, weaving tropical a feel upon a four-to-the-floor, full-bodied kick made to shake subwoofers, chests and bootys as it drives the pace throughout the song.

However, all that pulsating and enveloping soundscape serves as an accompaniment to the elegant, soothing and manly voice of Marans, who with a deep-yet-RnB-esque quality, flows and weaves through the musical elements with a blanket that beds the listeners ears and heart.

Starting off in Italian and switching to French, Marans lays out lyrics about a girl he met in Milan, and tells the story of a trip he would have liked to have taken with her. The emotion of opening to the opposite sex with a desire for connection is felt throughout, and the track lives both on the level of partying and dancing, as well as on the level of listening and contemplating. Of course, Italian and French listeners would get the added advantage of the story itself, but even without the language, the musicality lives and breathes from the ears straight to the heart.

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Alex C Brown – Broken-Hearted

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New music with a relatable message by Alex C Brown, an up-and-coming Artist from Charlottesville, Virginia. His music has roots in soul, R n B, Hip Hop, Rock, Alternative, and many more. A fresh sound for the ears of today.

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Watrs – Nude

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Watrs: An 18-track Project. NUDE is my art made fully transparent.

Experimental Indie Hip Hop artist, producer and engineer creating waves from Cape Town, South Africa. Lost soul, soft soul, student of rap. My music will tell you more about me.

Stream/Download Watrs – “Nude”:

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