Johnny Child of God – Dionysian Eyes

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Johnny Child of God is one of the hottest and most talented musicians to come around in a long time. We Sound Strange described Johnny Child of God as reminding them of Jimi Hendrix with his song, “Dionysian Eyes.” Johnny was born in the great state of Missouri he moved to Hollywood, and played in several bands, among them Forgotten Child. Johnny is a great songwriter, and a very gifted musician who sings, plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, on the Strange Reality album. Johnny has licensed his music out to many companies. among them Lionsgate Films.

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DJ Don Beerleone plays Afrobeat and EDM. The song “Drogba” is a mixture of it, Afrobeat meets House. DJ Don Beerleone is a Dutch national, living in Barnsley, UK.


Automata Radio – AI-Powered DJs // 247 electronic radio // robotic DJs in the mix

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Electronic underground, AI DJs spin independent artists and labels. 

About Automata Radio: ȯ-ˈtä-mə-tä : a mechanism that is relatively self-operating. especially : robots. : a machine or control mechanism designed to follow automatically a predetermined sequence of operations or respond to encoded instructions : radio robotics : auto intelligent sounds : GPT-3 DJs transmitting live 247 ✨

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Holli’ Conway – Losing Myself

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Producer Scott A. Messina and songwriter David Diaz have teamed up with Holli’ Conway to create a powerful new song that delves into the emotional turmoil of mental health, addiction, and depression. “Losing Myself” urges listeners to seek support and hope during times of struggle, and the emotional and powerful lyrics encourage those who may be suffering to remember that they are not alone.

Premiering exclusively on iShowcaseTV, the music video delivers a powerful visual message of these issues’ reality, while the song reminds us that seeking support and hope is crucial.

Holli’ Conway, a multi-talented Louisiana native, is the recording artist for “Losing Myself”. In 2018, she made history by becoming the third black woman to be crowned Miss Louisiana. During her reign, Holli’ was recognized as a talent preliminary award winner and 2nd Runner-up at Miss America.

Holli’ went on to join the Original Broadway Cast Production of Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, which was nominated for 12 Tony Awards. She founded “Coached by Conway” in New York City, which has provided masterclasses and training to aspiring performers and pageant queens. Currently, Holli’ performs in the Broadway production of Six the musical, which won the Tony Award for Best Original Score.

As a top entertainer, producer, and entrepreneur, Scott A. Messina has had the unique privilege of pursuing his passion, culminating in the creation of iShowcaseTV, a new streaming app, and earning him recognition as one of the nation’s finest; as the producer of “Losing Myself,” his dedication and talent are evident.

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Da-Mind – I’m

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“I’m” by Da-Mind speaks from the heart of a real street entrepreneur that been through it all and barely made it out.

About Da-Mind: Da-Mind speaks to his audience with a message that the street life is nothing but a way to destroy peoples lives and instill negativity from all aspects. Changing one’s mindset is a challenge, but music has a way of slipping past that barrier and inflicting knowledge into the listener. Da-Mind speaks for the streets, tells the stories that we love, but portrays a whole different side of what we know as “Hip-hop”. Life lessons have brought Bussey to this point. With passion for change, Da-Mind attracts audiences that want to posses the knowledge that this young artist has. Doing what he loves, and bringing a new aspect to the culture, his movement seems endless, but with the right mindset, passion, and dedication the work will become worth it and the impact known worldwide. Da-Mind knows what to expect on his journey and is up for the challenge, and when the right minds meet each other the message is clear.

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Iga Robotik – Streaming Wars 串流 战争 ストリーミング戦争 потоковые войны

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“Streaming Wars” by Iga Robotik is an electronic music track that uses aggressive, militaristic sounds with the goal of evoking the sense of a battle for dominance among streaming platforms. The track is tense and energetic, with a driving beat that propels listeners forward. Overall, “Streaming Wars” offers an intriguing portrayal of the cutthroat nature of the industry, and is sure to strike a chord with anyone who follows the latest developments in streaming technology.”

Stream Iga Robotik – “Streaming Wars” on SoundCloud:

MAWZ – DiamondZ

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Check out the new release by MAWZ, “DiamondZ,” which displays influences of pop, rap, Afro, EDM with highly-reverberated atmospheric male singing lines.

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Salvator Draco Emorion – Agony

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“Agony” is an instrumental song written and composed by Lord Salvator Draco Emorion. It encompasses the sheer weight of extreme suffering that one may endure during their lifetime. Tragedy, in the form of music.

Salvator Draco Emorion is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer, entrepreneur and chemist from the Netherlands, who writes most of his music in the city of Nijmegen, a cultural hub. His style varies greatly but tends towards lullabies, dramatic pieces with classical and rock elements, as well as synthesizers. He is known for his poetic gallavanting speeches as well as inspirational dramatic outlook.

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Dennish – After the Clouds

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Dennish ~ A family bonding and growing through music. Inspired to share, spread fun and laughter with the world. Their First Album “After The Clouds” takes you on a journey of self growth, acceptance, love and moving ahead.

1. Stray Balloon ~ was composed in June 2022 and sung by the mother and daughter duo (Nissha & Denish) and Dennis on the Drum with his unique style of drumming.

Denish writes about growing up with support from her mother “…I’m flying high let the sun grace my wings….”

Nissha has composed this song in memory of her mother (9th Feb 2022). Her Love, Strength and Memories will forever be held in our hearts “….Time has been kind showed me ways to Let go…”

The song was also inspired by the beautiful scenery at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah depicted in the Album Cover.

2. I Can’t Be Bothered ~ sung by the mother and daughter duo. Inspired and composed on 3rd December 2022 at the beautiful Redgate Margaret River, Australia. This is a carefree, fun, and bouncy song. Featuring a concept of turning away from the negative, and or dramatic people in your life with the simple phrase “I can’t be bothered.” The song itself was written and composed by Nissha and Denish, with Dennis on the drums adding his upbeat touch to the song.

3. Sayangku The DILU Song ~ Specially composed and sung for Dennis (Sayangku- My Love) on his birthday on April 2022 and brings your attention to importance of trust and love in a relationship through the challenges thrown at you “….They throw a side ball & some bullets too, I’ve got a good catch and you are bullet proof…”

4. Hey You ~ “…Tomorrow it will be alright…” A song of courage to face your life path and no matter what it will be alright. Take a pick of your highway and stay your ground because tomorrow it will be alright as long as you drive today!

About Dennish:

  • Dennis ~ Drummer Magnifico, Octapad and Sound Effects
  • Nissha ~ Composer, Lyricist, Guitarist & Singer
  • Denish ~ Singer, Composer, Lyricist & Pianist

Self-taught musician playing from the heart.

Dennish (Dennis + Nissha) ~ A family bonding and growing through music. Inspired to share, spread fun and laughter with the world.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

Stream Dennish – After the Clouds on Spotify:

People I’m Not – Kill Bill

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“Kill Bill” by People I’m Not is a new male slowed down and very chill indie version of SZA’s “Kill Bill.” You could think of it similarly to a Mac DeMarco cover with Alex Turner on the vocals.

People I’m Not is a solo project by a multi-instrumentalist from Slovenia, Europe, which is best described as easy-going jangly bedroom pop.

Stream People I’m Not – “Kill Bill”:

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