Maxtallies – Text Me

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Maxtallies’ “Text Me” is a song about how annoying phone calls can be. If you’re like Maxtallies, you prefer people to text as opposed to being inconvenienced by awkward breathing and pauses on the phone.

Boston-based upcoming hip hop artist Maxtallies uses music as a way to escape reality, and self-produces his own tracks and recordings.

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Mr Bombay – Jasmine (The New DEA)

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Women come in all forms… sexy, sweet, fun, and sometimes she’s the DEA. This is Jasmine (The New DEA).

Come ride on this story with Mr Bombay as he faces falling in love with Jasmine.

2020 Bazialini Music Group.

Mr Bombay is an inspirational hip hop artist from the Bay Area (East Oakland) and the originator of the Deep East Oakland sound. His style of luxury and lifestyle music will have you smiling from the lyrics, and moving to the infectious beats. Mr Bombay is a superstar in the making, and his journey is dope!

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Naked Animals – The Machines Inside of Me

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Naked Animals are an active rock band with impressive vocals, loud guitars and cool synth, playing a new kind of synth rock.

“Out of a pitch black stage emerge two girls wearing robes with candles surrounding a band wearing black, playing music like you are being invited into a satanic orgy, then all of the sudden it’s like, full speed ahead rock with real deal bad ass aggressive rock-n-roll vocals, slamming drums and loud ass guitars. Next thing I know people are hanging from chains and shit, there a sparks flying from some chick with a grinder, knives being juggled, a hot girl laying on a bed of nails while the lead singer stands on her and plays, it was fucking chaos. I thought someone was gonna die honestly so I pulled out my cell phone and started filming. It was fucking rad.” – Jared (a random fan from a live performance)

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DMAN_THEPRODUCER’s latest release is titled “Houston Roads,” named after his favorite place to be. 

DMAN_THEPRODUCER, born “Darius Tillman,” is an American hip hop and R&B recording artist, beatmaker, founder and CEO of “A.M.G the Label,” an independent music group turned record label in late 2017.

DMAN_THEPRODUCER is known for making exclusive instrumentals that are quick to grab your attention and as a recording artist himself, with singles like “John Wick” and “Back on Go Freestyle,” he continues showing us that he’s here to stay.

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Gorilla L – Up All Night

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In the words of Gorilla L, “Up All Night” is “a quick 16 bars and a hook just to show you guys that the style is crazy and the delivery is dope.”

Gorilla L is an artist from Stockton, CA, rapping since 2001.

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Jake Haze – Broken Year

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Broken Year is the latest project by the critically acclaimed artist, Jake Haze. His most daring venture musically with music that encompasses all human emotions.

Hailing from Allentown, PA. Multiple award-winning artist Jake Haze is always looking to push music boundaries and break norms.

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J-Luv Da Prince – Can’t Trust

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J-Luv Da Prince’s single “Can’t Trust” tells the story of a man finding out that he has been cheated on and ponders if he should return the favor or just let it go and move on.

R&B songwriter, singer, and rapper J-Luv Da Prince believes in the timeless art of lyrical storytelling, which has musical mandate to serve up songs that are uplifting, soul-searching, and soothing. Born and raised in Cuero, Texas, James Jones was given the moniker “J-Luv” at the young age of 15 in Houston, Texas while he worked hard to develop his unique style of rapping. As he continued to sharpen his sound to create something original, J-Luv began incorporating R&B styles into his music. It was this smooth and sensual new flavor that crowned J-Luv “Da Prince,” completing his full identity as rapper and soulful crooner.

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TRU$ – Better Off Nowhere [Mixtape]

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TRU$ (pronounced TRUS) is an upcoming 20-year-old artist out of Winnipeg, Canada, who makes dynamic music where no two songs sound the same. In the words of TRU$, “I don’t think someone should have to stick to one patented style to be successful. I make music that I like, and this project is a representation of that.”

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NO FACE, no Name – Losing You

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“Losing You” by NO FACE, no Name is a hip hop song from two perspectives of a failing relationship: the man whose fed up and the woman wondering has she lost the person she loves and is it too late. It’s a hard thing to accept that you have one life and want to share every experience with this one person and they’re saying nope.

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R-ODD – Infame

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Brazilian rapper and producer R-ODD, who is based in Barcelona, Spain, brings four songs with the new album Infame, collaborating with producers Saudade and Dummy of Loft, and the rappers Chaboki from Chicago and Sugar B from Barcelona.

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