Marriage Plus – Give You Somethin’

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“Give You Somethin'” by Marriage Plus is an infectious pop dance anthem that celebrates the joy and excitement of love within marriage. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Marriage Plus specializes in crafting uplifting tunes that capture the essence of marital bliss.

With its upbeat rhythm and catchy melodies, “Give You Somethin'” sets the perfect mood for celebration and romance. The track features vibrant instrumentation, including pulsating beats and vibrant synths, creating an irresistible groove that beckons listeners to the dance floor.

Lyrically, the song exudes positivity and devotion, as Marriage Plus delivers heartfelt vocals that express deep affection and commitment. Each verse is a testament to the enduring bond shared between partners, filled with promises of love and devotion.

“Give You Somethin'” is more than just a song; it’s a jubilant declaration of love and unity, designed to uplift spirits and ignite passion. Whether played at weddings, anniversaries, or simply as a soundtrack to everyday life, this pop dance gem from Marriage Plus is sure to leave a lasting impression on hearts and minds alike.

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Isaac Hatuel (איציק חתואל) – Full Moon (ירח מלא)

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Introducing Isaac Hatuel (איציק חתואל), the musical architect behind the vibrant sounds of Middle Eastern Israeli Mizrachi hip-hop. Hailing from the bustling city of Tel Aviv, Israel, Isaac infuses traditional melodies with modern beats, crafting a unique sonic experience that captivates audiences worldwide.

His latest EP album, Full Moon (ירח מלא), serves as a musical journey through the trials and tribulations of young love torn apart by the pursuit of freedom. Each track narrates the poignant tale of lovers grappling with the haunting allure of their past romance, especially under the luminous glow of the full moon.

Isaac Hatuel’s musical prowess first gained recognition with his songs, “YAMAN REGGAE” and “HOLD MY COIN,” establishing him as a formidable force in the Israeli music scene. With Full Moon (ירח מלא), Isaac continues to push boundaries, blending cultural influences with contemporary beats to create a genre-defying masterpiece that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

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Dark Miles – When the Lights Go Out

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“When The Lights Go Out” is an alternative rock song by Dark Miles, a powerful statement about freedom, equality, tolerance and humanism in a world filled with hate. It includes influences of Mother Love Bone, Mad Season and Temple of the Dog.

After the release of “Your Heart Is An Empty Street,” Dark Miles has just released “When The Lights Go Out,” the second single in anticipation of the first full-length from Pete Miles solo project.

“When The Lights Go Out” was made during the pandemic, “a period where we found ourselves deprived of some elementary freedoms, and consequently rediscovered how fragile these freedoms are,” highlights Pete Miles, adding that “whether in what we feel, in what we do, in what we want and in what we are, this freedom is constantly put to the test, particularly in the times we live in, in which the nightmare of war has once again stripped many people of their human dignity.”

About Dark Miles

The lead singer of the extinct rock band MOSH comes forward with a song that exalts freedom and the way in which it is constantly put to the test, particularly in the times we live in, and paves the way for the release of 10 Miles Into The Dark, an album representative of a journey into the depths of the human soul.

Dark Miles is the solo project of Pedro Lima (aka Pete Miles), lead singer of the extinct band from Porto (Portugal), called MOSH.

MOSH were a rock band that existed between 2004 and 2010. With great popularity in the national underground rock scene, MOSH were invited to play on the main stage of the Vilar deMouros Festival in 2005 and opened concerts for renowned bands, such as Marilyn Manson, Ill Niño, Soulfly, etc. Their video was frequently shown on MTV Portugal and they were nominated for Best New Act by MTV in 2007. They were invited by the streetwear brand “Volcom” to play at the brand’s world event in Biarritz, and during these years of activity they played a lot within and outside the country and gained a very considerable fan following, both at home and abroad.

With the end of the band, motivated by musical differences, came an artistic hiatus that ended with the arrival of the pandemic and a sudden surge of creativity, which led to an album focused on its influences beyond the heavier spectrum of rock, covering mainly the 80s and 90s.

With influences ranging from Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Peter Murphy, The Sound, Psychedelic Furs, Peter Gabriel, to Mad Season, Stone Temple Pilots, Chris Cornell, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog , Mark Lanegan, etc., the band Dark Miles, by the now renamed Pete Miles (pseudonym of Pedro Lima), tries with this album to pay homage to these two brilliant decades of international music.

Recorded in André Indiana’s studio, with the exception of 3 songs, which were recorded in the studio of producer and sound engineer Mário Pereira, the album was produced by Paulo Praça, mixed by André Indiana and mastered by Mário Barreiros. All themes were composed by Pete Miles with the collaboration of Paulo Praça; the lyrics are entirely by Pete Miles.

In addition to Paulo Praça (The Gift) and André Indiana (guitars, bass, synth), the album featured Paulo Gravato (Pedro Abrunhosa) on saxophone, Eurico Amorim (Pedro Abrunhosa) on keys, Bruno Oliveira (Os Azeitonas) on drums, Sérgio Silva (Expensive Soul) on drums and Miguel Martins (Zen) on guitar.

10 Miles Into the Dark is a journey into the depths of the soul, guided by the sound of a generation that stands the test of time.

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Big Chief Donald Harrison – The Magic Touch

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“The Magic Touch,” is the name of this song by Donald Harrison which is a jazzy trap chill song led by Harrison’s saxophone instrumental accompanied by Harrison on rap vocals and singing by Grammy Award winning producer Deezle. The song has nine different versions in nine different genres and is part of Harrison’s Omniverse Music multi-genre singles concept where he composes a song to be played in multiple genres.

Saxophonist and NEA Jazz Master “Big Chief” Donald Harrison from New Orleans is a musician/composer who is considered a master of every era of jazz, soul, and funk. Born in New Orleans, Harrison honed his experience playing with uncountable legends, including The Notorious B.I.G., Choppa, Digable Planets, Guru’s Jazzmatazz, Art Blakey, Lena Horne, Fred Wesley, McCoy Tyner, Miles Davis, Ron Carter, and The Headhunters. At the age of nineteen, Harrison created a modern jazz take on the New Orleans second-line tradition and introduced his influential composition “New York Second-Line” to the jazz world in 1979. By the mid-’80s, he created Nouveau Swing, a distinctive sound that blended the swing beat of modern jazz with hip-hop, funk, and soul music. In the ’90s, Harrison recorded hits in the smooth jazz genre. He began exploring music through the lens of quantum physics in 2000. Harrison’s new recordings “The Magic Touch,” “The Art of Passion” are part of his Omniverse Music multi-genre singles explorations concept where he records a single tune in multiple genres, showcasing Harrison’s versatility and creativity all at once.

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Love TMFTL – Planet Plastic tic tic tic

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“Planet Plastic tic tic tic” by Love TMFTL is a powerful fusion of Pop Reggae, Roots Rock Reggae, and Dub Poetry, delivering a poignant message wrapped in infectious rhythms. As a champion of conscious music, Love TMFTL uses his artistry to ignite change and inspire action. With compelling lyrics and uplifting melodies, this track serves as a rallying cry to protect our planet and its precious animal inhabitants. It’s more than just music; it’s a call to arms for environmental stewardship and a brighter future for generations to come.

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FerryK. – Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreets Back) (FerryK. Remix)

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Get ready to relive the magic of the 90s with FerryK’s electrifying remix of Backstreet Boys’ timeless classic, “Everybody (Backstreets Back).” In this captivating fusion of past and future, FerryK infuses the track with a dynamic future house vibe that’s sure to get you moving. With its infectious beats and nostalgic charm, this remix pays homage to the best of the 90s while propelling the iconic hit into the realm of modern dance music. Don’t miss out on this 90s remix that’s guaranteed to reignite your love for the Backstreet Boys and take you on a trip down memory lane.

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Richy WiFi – Pg-13

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Richy WiFi’s Pg-13 is a masterful narrative woven through the beats and rhymes of modern hip hop. Based in Cleveland, USA, Richy Wi-Fi crafts an album that is both a reflection of his own life and a celebration of non-violence. Opening with the cinematic “AUDIO MOVIE,” listeners are immediately drawn into Richy’s world, where every track feels like a scene from his reality. From the nostalgic vibes of “1st of Tha Month” to the futuristic sounds of “3005,” the album showcases Richy’s versatility as an artist. Tracks like “Weekend Bae” and “Sloppy Top” bring a playful energy, while “Choir of Society” and “93 House Party” delve into themes of community and connection. Richy’s social commentary shines through in tracks like “Joe Fraizer” and “TUNE IN,” offering thought-provoking insights. “Th3 Climax” serves as a powerful conclusion, leaving listeners with a sense of introspection and empowerment. Pg-13 is not just an album; it’s a testament to Richy WiFi’s artistry and his commitment to spreading positivity through music.

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Caleb Darger – A Lot to Tell You

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Caleb Darger’s “A Lot to Tell You” is reminiscent of 70’s folk music, but includes warm pedal steel which weaves perfectly with the melody. It is about learning how to make amends in a relationship and admit when you’re wrong.

Caleb Darger is seasoned songwriter hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. Drawing from a diverse tapestry of influences, Darger skillfully weaves together elements of folk, indie, and Americana, to craft songs whose heartfelt storytelling resonate with authenticity and depth.

By the time he reached 19, Darger had already embarked on two west coast tours, and was selling out shows in his hometown as the lead singer of the folk-rock group The Mighty Sequoyah. However, life took him on a different path as he spent five transformative years in the vibrant city of Washington, DC, balancing work commitments and pursuing a graduate degree, before returning to his native Utah to focus on music again.

Darger’s earlier endeavors saw the release of an album of Christian folk hymns, a reflection of his faith at the time. With his upcoming album, “Fault Line,” slated for release in 2024, Darger delves into themes of losing his religion, as well as navigating the complexities of relationships, and getting older. It is a testament to his growth as an artist and as an individual, unafraid to confront the fault lines of his own existence and the world around him.

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TheSubstance – Black Skin (Prod: 343 Muzik | Substance Music Group)

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“Black Skin” by TheSubstance is carved around the dancehall, reggae and jazz culture and is intertwined with the popular folks song ‘okie pokie’. The melodies from the chorus is hence super catchy and will resignate on anyone!

Reinard Bryan, also known as “TheSubstance” (born October 14th 1988) is a conscious Jamaican songwriter, performer, and recording artiste. Nominated in 2012 for Best New Artiste at the Clarendon Music Awards, TheSubstance won the coveted award. On October 31st 2015, He released and made public his 10 track EP titled “Spiritual Insomina” displaying his versatilty wearing both the hats as artist and songwriter. A constant work in progress, TheSubstance currently records at Audio Traxx Studio in Old Harbour with Lamar Thompson, producing tracks such as Fools in Love (Pt.1 &2) ft Saine, Steaming, Soaring High ft. TruVice, King For You, and “the banger” Black Skin. TheSubstance has been featured on Reggae King Radio, Vibes Link F.M. New Jersey, Road Block Radio of VP Records, Newstalk 93fm (Lady D), Hot 102 FM (Mr. Williams), Irie magazine, 18 karat Reggae, and Reggaeville. TheSubstance expresses he seeks possible collaboration with Tanya Stephens, Jahmiel, Agent Sasco, Tarrus Riley and Bugle to name a few.

Early life:

Hailing from the communities of Raymond District, Cornpiece Settlement, and Hayes Clarendon on the beautiful island of Jamaica, Reinard Bryan was born on October 14th 1988. Life was not without obstacles for the artist growing up after losing his mother at the age of 2. When asked about the loss, he expressed “ I always asked why it had to happen.” Though not having the nurturing and guidance of his mother, Reinard did not allow this childhood tragedy to dictate his future and soon came to the realization that everything does not need to be understood in the moment as life is a journey and the experiences we endure good or bad will present itself one day.

Substance the Artist: 

Writing is Substance’s escape and joy, it gave him a voice and an artiste emerged. He transitioned his love of words and essay writing into songwriting. Arming himself with pen and paper helped Reinard to discover Prablem (his previous stage name). He then added the moniker, “TheSubstance” resulting in “Prablem TheSubstance” but later decided to stick with “TheSubstance.” His songwriting narrative stems from embracing his vulnerability, social commentary, addressing real life social issues, and propaganda head on. He describes his music as deep, soulful and having an uncanny ability to connect on an emotional level with his listeners as his songs are powerful, unapologetic and honest. TheSubstance now works with manager and lifelong friend Kmar Henry.

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A.A Sherman – The Prelude [EP]

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The Prelude EP heralds a significant milestone in A.A Sherman’s musical journey, serving as a testament to his versatile prowess within the realm of electronic music. With a compelling fusion of diverse genres, this collection exemplifies A.A Sherman’s adeptness at navigating various sonic landscapes.

The Prelude EP was released on March 8, 2024. The following is the EP’s track list:

1. Prelude (This track serves as the beginning track, keen to present the professional skills of the artist)

2. Predicament (This track takes inspiration from the sampling techniques of Daft Punk, providing a powerful impact through various production techniques and hard basslines)

3. Show Me (This track uses unique synthesizer sounds to create a melodic yet elevating house track with interesting chord progressions and atmospheres)

4. Don’t Mind (A chill electronica track, with orchestral influence and melodic synth elements aimed at captivating chill-out listeners)

5. ILYHS (A future bass track with various transitions, indigo trap influence and inspired from artists like Skrillex)

6. Promises (A hyper-techno track that provides it’s listeners with a commercial experience)

All in all, the EP showcases the diversity of A.A Sherman’s production techniques and, therefore, aims to provide a perspective to listeners of what’s to come by the artist in the future.

Drawing inspiration from iconic figures like Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Skrillex, and DJ S3rl, A.A Sherman effortlessly fuses organic and synthetic elements to craft electronic music spanning a diverse array of genres.

Since embarking on his musical journey in 2013, A.A Sherman has meticulously refined his production prowess through a self-taught approach, resulting in a distinct sonic identity that captivates listeners with its unparalleled allure. Now, in 2024, The Prelude EP marks the beginning of a new chapter for A.A Sherman, heralding an era brimming with promise and innovation.

Listeners can anticipate a regular infusion of A.A Sherman’s signature sound every 3-4 weeks, for a constant stream of auditory delights to savor and explore.

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