Money Mel – Ice Cream Freestyle

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Paying homage to the greats! Wu-Tang Forever! Born Jamel Dorsey but known to his fans as Money Mel, grew up on the Eastside of Harlem. He is definitely an up and coming artist to look out for and is known for his smooth, witty delivery, and is expected to drop his 7 song EP this fall on Spotify, Tidal and CD Baby.

Stream Money Mel “Ice Cream Freestyle” on YouTube:

S.M.D Music – Jordan

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S.M.D Music’s new single and music video “Jordan” is a trap hip hop banger with excellent flow, beat and visuals. S.M.D Music represents Bern Zuerich Berlin.

Stream S.M.D Music “Jordan” music video on YouTube:

dampszn – Bury Me

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dampszn’s “Bury Me” is a melodic rap anthem with a great beat produced by the talented and well-known producer Nick Mira.

dampszn is a 19-year-old artist from Long Island, NY. He has been featured on Rap Nation and has been making noise in the underground for about two years. dampszn has a lot of melodic rap and EDM influences in his music. dampszn has a very unique sound, trying to take rap into a new direction.

Stream dampszn “Bury Me”:

Muenster – How Long (feat. Pterradacto)

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West Coast chops, dirty south vibes. Muenster’s “How Long” takes us in a journey while begging the question in its namesake. How long will we let the roadblocks and divisiveness continue to prevail against adversity and triumph? As long as we let them. Sit back, get your mind right to this classic cut.

Muenster from Denton, TX is a versatile wordsmith, a polished orator, and a prolific national performer. Not your typical rapper.

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G. Runna – Big Pharma [Album]

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G. Runna’s new album Big Pharma is a description of the correlation of the practices of Big Pharmaceutical companies and street hustling from a street hustler’s point of view. The Opioid Crisis and the Crack Epidemic have a lot in common, except the differences on the people that they directly affect. This album bridges the gap in an interesting and lyrical manner that is almost as addictive as the products that it describes.

G. Runna has lived a painfully hard life. The Harlem born, Newport News Virginia raised emcee releases this pain through his music. He has a way of telling his story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and has you feeling as if you lived through it also. The sharp-witted rapper flexes his intelligence and creativity in every bar. Listen closely or you might miss the bar that changes your life.

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Jay Machiavelli – Get Rich

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“Get Rich” is a song that tells a story about Jay Machiavelli’s hopes and dreams for himself and his label mates: in short his plan is to get rich, and this song outlines why. Jay Machiavelli is a Chicago-based rapper, who raps about deeper more conscious concepts than most other artists. Jay Machiavelli produces most of his own track, and has even created most of his own cover art as well.

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Tazewell – Kontac

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Tazewell - Kontac

Tazewell’s “Kontac” is a classic breath of organic hip hop/rap meets conscious poetry.

Tazewell, an artist from Southside 7 City’s Virginia.

Stream Tazewell – Kontac:


Loverswasteland – Heartbreak City

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Loverswasteland (@lov3rswasteland) is an artist of dark, alternative hip hop from Australia’s Gold Coast. His music is inspired by genres as diverse as classic hip hop, rock, and alternative music, making for a vibrant and personable twist. Fans of artists such as Mac Miller, Lil Peep and Travis Scott are definitely going to connect with his melodic, yet earnest lyrical flow, as well as his punchy melodies and aesthetics.

Stream Loverswasteland’s “Heartbreak City” on SoundCloud:

Adwo – The Chase

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Adwo’s “The Chase” is a song about a chasing someone you love. Adwo is a Minnesota millennial blending hip hop and pop.

Stream on SoundCloud:

Lucifer Menace – The Revelation

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Considered the Marilyn Manson of hip hop, Lucifer Menace is taking horrorcore and hip hop combining it into his own genre. With a provocative name and witty flow, he took this first LP and took the world by storm expressing his anger & regret towards the once-beloved being most referred to as “God.”

Residing in Sin City, also known as Las Vegas, Lucifer came from a town in Trenton NJ. Music not accepted by most in his area, he took storm online and gained a following of 9,000+ followers in a few months. He doesn’t just create music, he creates pure emotion and spews it through his lyrics.

Stream Lucifer Menace – The Revelation:

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