Music Review

One of the biggest mistakes I see upcoming artists make is that they want to promote their music when it’s unripe for promotion. I see this with about 90% of submissions that I receive.

Why is it that I only remember about 10 artists out of the 100s that have sent me their music over the years?

I read their pitches, see their visuals, listen to their music, and if they have one, watch their music video, but I only remember a handful of them.

If I remember only a handful, then all these music curators, bloggers and journalists also only pick up on a very small percentage of what they receive.

You’re like that too – out of all the artists there are out there in the world, how many do you listen to? It’s a very small amount compared to all that exists out there.

So what is it about those handful of artists that stand out?

This is what my music review service is about: it’s not about getting a good review and posting it on my blogs and promoting it through my social media, even though you get all that as part of the gig.


It’s about searching to find your strengths, your uniqueness, and what differentiates you from other artists.

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I Will Send Your Music to Over 300 Hip Hop, Rap and RnB Blogs

  • BASIC – Mass Email Blast: I will send your song or mixtape or album to over 300 hip hop, rap and RnB blogs for $5.
  • STANDARD – Individual Pitching: I will individually pitch your song or mixtape or album to over 40 hip hop, rap and RnB blogs for $50.
  • PREMIUM – Guaranteed Posts: I will get you over 10 guaranteed posts on hip hop, rap and RnB blogs for $75.


  • COMMUNITIES – I will send your music to social media communities with over 500K members for $5.
  • REVIEW – I will write a review of your song or mixtape or album for $30.
  • BRANDING – I will review your online artist presence/branding and create a plan with actionable steps for how to upgrade your artist branding/presence for $30.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to consult about your project and explore more options.

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