I’m currently looking for a few artists to work closely with.

I want to work with artists who want to revise the way they’re doing things from the foundation of their marketing and branding.

The following is an explanation of a marketing and branding method I have developed that is aimed at growing artists, which I am looking to take a few artists through:

Stage 1: Strategy and Planning

  • a growth plan that covers a vision of where you want to be in 3 years, goals for the next 12 months, 6 months, and targets for the next 3 months.
  • organization of your artist image, bio and social media in order to have a well-branded foundation to grow from.
  • research and definition of best audiences to target according to available marketing budget.
  • creation of audience journey funnels according to target audience/s: from awareness to fans.
  • creation of release and marketing plans, including branding adjustments per release, pre-release marketing, launch marketing and post-release marketing.

Stage 2: Execution

Public Relations (PR): Aims for Press by Bloggers, Journalists and Vloggers, Playlist Placements by Curators, Radio Plays by Radio Station Music Directors, and Social Media Placements on Influencer Accounts

  • custom-build a targeted list of bloggers, journalists, playlist curators, radio station music directors, vloggers and other influencers based on music style/genre and artist image.
  • update your artist bio, image and social media bios and other branded elements to have a well-branded foundation to grow from.
  • create and send a pitch of an EPK including press release, artist photo, music artwork to the list of influencers (with variations of pitch according to type of influencer).
  • follow-up with interested influencers with the aim of getting placements in music blogs and magazines, playlists, promo channels, and other media.
  • continue accumulating more bloggers/journalists/radio station music directors/playlist curators/other influencers based on your specific style/genre/related artists, and sending them pitches with press packs of your promoted releases.

Social Media Marketing: Aims to Gain You Fans/Followers/Listens/Views/Engagement by Running Paid Advertising Through Social Media Platforms

Pre-Release Marketing

  • work with the artist to define and create social media content based on target audiences and their journeys (defined in the strategy and planning stage).
  • advertise the content on social media platforms using paid advertising tactics.
  • analyze the data from the social media advertising in order to define audiences that respond best to the content and advertising.
  • optimize the content, ads and audience targeting based on analysis.
  • use the data on best-performing audiences to best position your upcoming release/s when distributing to various platforms that best fits your music into their algorithms.

Release Launch Marketing

  • create and publish release posts across your social media presence.
  • advertise the posts to the audiences that performed best in the pre-release marketing phase using paid advertising remarketing tactics.
  • promote and share the release posts through relevant groups and communities on the social media platforms.

Post-Release Marketing

  • guide the creation of post-release social media content with the artist.
  • advertise the content on social media platforms using paid advertising tactics.
  • analyze the data from the social media advertising in order to define audiences that respond best to the content and advertising.
  • optimize the content, ads and audience targeting based on analysis.

Using this method, I guarantee that you will grow your artist presence online. It is a tested method for growing an audience of real fans, followers and listeners, both for artists starting out their journey, and also artists open to rebranding in order to start growing with new audiences.

If you’re interested, then send me a message at 44faced [AT] gmail [DOT] com. I don’t take all artists. Make sure that if you want to take this on, that you have plans for releases coming up in the near future, i.e., that you’re an artist dedicated to growing your artist presence and brand.

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