A.A Sherman – The Prelude [EP]

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The Prelude EP heralds a significant milestone in A.A Sherman’s musical journey, serving as a testament to his versatile prowess within the realm of electronic music. With a compelling fusion of diverse genres, this collection exemplifies A.A Sherman’s adeptness at navigating various sonic landscapes.

The Prelude EP was released on March 8, 2024. The following is the EP’s track list:

1. Prelude (This track serves as the beginning track, keen to present the professional skills of the artist)

2. Predicament (This track takes inspiration from the sampling techniques of Daft Punk, providing a powerful impact through various production techniques and hard basslines)

3. Show Me (This track uses unique synthesizer sounds to create a melodic yet elevating house track with interesting chord progressions and atmospheres)

4. Don’t Mind (A chill electronica track, with orchestral influence and melodic synth elements aimed at captivating chill-out listeners)

5. ILYHS (A future bass track with various transitions, indigo trap influence and inspired from artists like Skrillex)

6. Promises (A hyper-techno track that provides it’s listeners with a commercial experience)

All in all, the EP showcases the diversity of A.A Sherman’s production techniques and, therefore, aims to provide a perspective to listeners of what’s to come by the artist in the future.

Drawing inspiration from iconic figures like Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Skrillex, and DJ S3rl, A.A Sherman effortlessly fuses organic and synthetic elements to craft electronic music spanning a diverse array of genres.

Since embarking on his musical journey in 2013, A.A Sherman has meticulously refined his production prowess through a self-taught approach, resulting in a distinct sonic identity that captivates listeners with its unparalleled allure. Now, in 2024, The Prelude EP marks the beginning of a new chapter for A.A Sherman, heralding an era brimming with promise and innovation.

Listeners can anticipate a regular infusion of A.A Sherman’s signature sound every 3-4 weeks, for a constant stream of auditory delights to savor and explore.

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