Aaron D – Trap [EP]

By 44faced on Aug 18, 2018 in Music , Reviews - 0 Comments

Aaron D - Trap

Aaron D is a deeply intelligent MC whose appreciation of lyricism and conscious topics merge with a trap, slap-in-the-face aesthetic. Keeping his composure, calm, commentating on a wider perspective of the world, blending with personal stabs, but with an abstractedness that lets the listener fill in the gaps of what he’s meaning. The “Trap” EP is an entanglement of determined seriousness, abstract expansiveness and stream-of-consciousness thought experiments. His vocal lyricism tunnels into dense bass-filled beat forests and spreads tentacles into as far as the listener wishes to contemplate a string of phrases. “Trap” seemingly has all the elements of a modern underground rap classic, but if you try to decipher the inner goings-on of the lyrical tapestry, you’ll forage a labyrinth of possibilities and have a constant bass-driven hypnosis underlying your experience.

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