Aka Vonny – Bop 2.0

By 44faced on Apr 10, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

Aka Vonny had a hit single back in 2012 (“Bop”). Signed by Mean Records llc, he recorded a new hit single “Bop 2.0,” released on Octoboer 19, 2019, and on February 15, 2020 he released his single “Hypemane,” mixed by Ken Lewis at iproducemusic.com

Aka Vonny in his own words: “At a young age I began to notice I was different from the norm and was good at anything I put my mind to but it wasn’t till I was about 17 I started telling myself I was going to be something and do something great when I got older. I have a list of talents that I continue to add to, and I’m finding ways to make a living doing these things I love to naturally do anyway, but most importantly inspiring and uplifting everyone as I succeed. My purpose may not have registered to the public yet but eventually you will all say to yourself “OMG it’s him, that’s the guy” anything else you want to know about me you’ll find in my material ?.”

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