Alejandro Llovet Abascal – Touchless

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Touchless by Alejandro Llovet Abascal is an original classical music album inspired by what we cannot touch but still can feel. Written, performed, and produced by Alejandro Llovet Abascal, in this last album, we can see decades of work coming to a great inspirational album, with pianos, acoustic guitars, choirs, drums, and trumpets coming all together to an Epical Music Style.

Alejandro Llovet Abascal was born in Mexico City in 1977. At a very early stage, he studied piano and music at a renowned local academy. When he was a teenager, his piano teacher gave him some composition techniques and lessons, which have improved over the years. He developed a professional career in the worlds of Business, Education, and Entrepreneurship but never gave up the idea of working with his own Classical Music compositions. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, he finally had the time he needed to polish his over two-decade work and published his first Albums on Streaming Platforms in 2021. Inspired by great composers like Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Puccini, Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach, we can hear some influence from them in his artistic work.

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