Alizée – Routine

By 44faced on Feb 28, 2021 in Music - 0 Comments

Routines are what keep me sane as an individual. As an artist, I feel like we grab inspiration from our everyday lives and experiences and that’s why I wrote a whole song about a routine. I genuinely feel like routines keep my head clear and that I feel my best when being organised. Without a routine my head is cluttered and messy. I feel as a society we are constantly being pushed to push ourselves in the most uncomfortable way. Every one is different and I just wanted to shed some light for the people out there who thrive on routines. “Routines that’s what I love” is the song’s hook. – Alizée.

Alizée is an upcoming R&B/Neo-Soul singer from Australia. She has a soulful sound and vibe that reminds you of a 90s R&B artist.

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