Antzu – Love Is a Desert Rose

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“Love is a Desert Rose” by Antzu is a Brit-style rock song. In the words of Antzu: “With this song, I use ‘desert rose’ as a metaphor to contemplate about the meanings of romance and life. I merge contagious melody and poetic, philosophical lyrics to create this song. I invited my guitarist friend to perform the dream-like guitar arrangement. I also adopt a haggard vocal style to convey the strong emotions in this song.”

About Antzu: Taiwan poet singer Antzu (a.k.a. Andrew Huang 黃安祖) won three American “Global Music Awards” this month, setting a historical record for the most wins for Mando-pop artists at the awards. Huang is a four-time winner of America “Global Music Awards.” He has won 9 Global Music Awards with 5 different albums thus far.

Dubbed by the media as the “first modern Chinese poet singer,” Huang established himself as a trailblazer by merging modern poetry with contemporary English pop genre styles. As the first Mando-pop poet singer to craft songs in contemporary English pop styles (such as EDM, rock, R&B, trip hop, and hip hop), Huang makes a ground-breaking shift with poetry songs from the folk songs in the 1970’s to the contemporary pop styles of the 2020’s. Dubbed by the media as “Troubadour Andrew Huang” (吟唱詩人黃安祖), Huang has emerged as the premier poet singer from Greater China over the past decade.

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