AQUA72 – Smooker feat. Ra-P

By 44faced on Dec 08, 2019 in Music , Reviews - 0 Comments

AQUA72’s “Smooker” (feat. Ra-P) is a solemn, calm, atmospheric cloud rap masterpiece, with enough reverb echoing snares and samples to turn heads of even the loyalest dub fans. Scratchy record samples merge into a water-wavy backdrop setting the scene for boom-bap-esque hard smacking drums and a melancholic low-range piano ostinato repeating throughout. AQUA72 and Ra-P lay down a smooth array of verses, auto-tuned to perfection, paddling along with the splashy-smacking interplay of the drums, bass, piano and samples, and between the enveloping ambience of the noise layer and the broken piano chords, together with the moist splatters of reverberated stabs, plus the in-your-face clinks and smacks of the kick, hats and snare attacks, producer Liquid Beats soaks the listener into a diffusive motion of multiple contrasting elements fusing together into a single immersive whole.

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