Ari Joshua – Elon’s Musk feat. iLL Gates, Cory Cavazos

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Like a wax orchard of rainbow trees abundant with fruits of every imaginable kind, Ari Joshua’s producer chops are akin to a chameleon. Today, he presents us with “Elon’s Musk,” a fantastical voyage that merges the realms of synthwave and bass music with an almost ethereal touch. An almost classically influenced piece “Elon’s Musk” features the illustrious iLL Gates, the featured artist and a respected figure in the electronic music realm. Hailing from Canada and making a significant impact globally, iLL Gates is not just a producer but like Joshua he is also an educator, heading his Producer Dojo for over a decade now, his epic library has collaborations with the likes of Apashe, Clozee, Excision, and more, spanning genres from Electro House to IDM/Glitch. Also featured on “Elon’s Musk” are layers of ambient guitar from Ari Joshua, and the hauntingly beautiful cello of Cory Cavazos. The song is out on Music Factory Records.

“Elon’s Musk” is a collaborative masterpiece, nothing short of a symphonic odyssey blending GUITARI’s layered guitars and compositional expertise with iLL Gates’ on drums. The track seems to remind us of Tipper’s intricate style, a complex assembly of over 40 sound layers, including live guitar and cellos. This fusion creates a multi-dimensional soundscape, offering a unique auditory journey.

The track is a significant milestone for Ari Joshua, showcasing his evolution as an artist and his ability to transcend musical boundaries. Mixed to taste by Ari Joshua & iLL Gates, ‘Elon’s Musk’ will be the first release from Joshua available in spatial audio with an Atmos Mix by Alex Solano and masterful Surround and Stereo Mastering by Justin Gray. “Elon’s Musk” invites you to experience a tapestry of multiple layers of sound, including live guitars and cellos.

  • Mixed by Ari Joshua & iLL Gates
  • Atmos Mix by Alex Solano at Pro Mix
  • Surround Mastering by Justin Gray
  • Stereo Mastering by Justin Gray
  • Cello – Cory Cavazos
  • Guest Drums – iLL Gates
  • Art – Jay Coby Art

Artist Bio: Ari Joshua is Synthesizing Sonic Landscapes for the Soul. In the ever-evolving world of electronic dance music, where the beats per minute are as diverse as the artists themselves, Ari Joshua stands out as a beacon of innovation and heartfelt expression. With a background steeped in a rich tapestry of musical genres, Ari’s journey into the EDM sphere is not just a transition but a transformation, bringing depth, emotion, and a unique narrative to his works.

A multi-instrumentalist with roots in jazz, rock, and classical music, Ari Joshua has seamlessly woven these influences into all his productions, creating sounds that are both familiar and refreshingly new. His tracks are more than just music; they are stories told through strings, synths, and samples, each beat a heartbeat, each melody a memory.

Ari is known for his collaborative spirit, working with a myriad of artists across genres, further enriching his sound with diverse perspectives and sounds. This collaborative ethos extends to his performances, where he often shares the stage with other musicians, blurring the lines, offering audiences an immersive and unforgettable experience. He has worked with a list of notables too long to list, but to name a few; iLL Gates, KJ Sawka members of Trey Anastasio Band, MMW, REM, Pearl Jam, Mad Season, Pendulum, & More

Ari’s dedication to his craft is evident in his thoughtful approach to production and performance. Whether he’s in the studio meticulously layering tracks or on stage, engaging with every drop and transition, his passion for music and connection with his audience is palpable. His notes are not just played; they are felt, a journey through emotions, guided by his intuitive touch and technical prowess.

In an industry that thrives on constant change, Ari Joshua remains both a student and a teacher, ever-curious and always evolving. His music invites listeners to explore their own emotions, to find joy, solace, and inspiration within his sonic landscapes. For Ari, music is a dialogue, and through his creations, he speaks to the soul of the listener, inviting them into a world where every note matters, and every beat tells a story.

Not just making waves; shaping the future . For those who have had the pleasure of experiencing his music, be it through headphones or in a jazz club or on the dance floor, the message is clear: Ari Joshua is not just a name to watch; he is a name to remember, a soundtrack for the moments that define us.

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