Aria – The Next Life

By 44faced on Jun 16, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

“The Next Life” by Aria is a touching soul ballad with a wide array of instruments, a beautiful vocal, and a rap, dedicated to animals threatened with extinction and the vulnerable natural world we call our home. “The Next Life” was released to coincide with Earth Day 2022. With music composed by Aria himself, a haunting lyric by the prolific LA artist B. Warner, and collaborations from an assortment of talented international musicians and vocalists, “The Next Life” gives a voice to the voiceless. Let us not forget the creatures we share this planet with, and may they live on, not despite us, but in harmony with us.

Aria is a composer out of Sanremo, Italy who combines different genres of music to create something new. He’s also a champion of animal rights, hence his latest single “The Next Life.”

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