Asim I.I. – Christmas Song feat. Keisha Martin and The Soyami Sisters

By 44faced on Dec 27, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

“Christmas Song” by Asim I.I., featuring Keisha Martin and The Soyami Sisters, is a song about Christmas, a time that represents the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is a special day of giving to family and friends and represents love for all. Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year.

Rapper from Brooklyn New York, Asim I.I. from Brooklyn is a unique metaphorical artist. Asim I.I. (Its Infinite) style is lyrical and witty. He started off in a 4 man group called Malignant and later linked up with Kris Kartel from Kartel Route where he served as CTO and then he linked up with super producer Angelicvoices where he continued writing metaphoric songs about unique things such as water, pasta sauce, movies and Jesus Christ. God fearing, he turned his focus completely to God, which you can hear in his writings.

Stream Asim I.I. – “Christmas Song” feat. Keisha Martin and The Soyami Sisters:

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