Atlas Before – The Recent Future (Feel Like Breakin’ Free)

By 44faced on Aug 01, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

The Recent Future is a modern progressive rock song that epitomizes our times. It starts as a commentary on the boredom and emptiness we often feel in the information age, especially during lock-down. It ends up as pure escapism. Musically, it sounds a bit like old Queen with the overlaid guitar effects. The video is pretty fun, and most people can relate to it during these strange times.

Atlas Before is a band from Atlanta Georgia featuring the music of long time creative David Denton. The music of Atlas Before is primarily rock but with various styles overlaid. Many describe a typical Atlas Before album as an ‘eclectic mix’. Never a dull moment, check out Atlas Before at for more info, complete song lyrics, etc.

Stream the Atlas Before – “The Recent Future (Feel Like Breakin’ Free)” video on YouTube: