Ato-Mik – Faithfully

By 44faced on Jan 25, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

Ato-Mik’s ‘Faithfully’ is about the obstacles moving through life, being able to stay true to oneself. 2 different perspectives from brothers Atom and Mikey Mic with a shared message. Trusting in ones soul and purpose here, wanting to become the best version of ones self. While ignoring the negative opinions of people trying to pull you down, you are able to rise up above it and accomplish the goals you set your mind too. Lyrics: Ato-Mik. Produced by Ato-Mik x Malikai Motion. Record, Mix, Master Malikai Motion @ Paranoyd Sound Studio, BC, Canada.

About Ato-Mik: Two brothers joined forces to become ATO-MIK. Atom (1994) and Mikey Mic (1996). Bringing their realness from North Vancouver, Canada. With a message of creating purpose while always staying true to oneself. Their music is diverse at nature, eclectic hip-hop derived from many different spectrums. Ranging from the smooth sounds of the West-Coast to the NYC roots.

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