AznBoiiWill – Cold in December

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AznBoiiWill - Cold In December - Spotify

AznBoiiWill’s (@aznboiiwill) “Cold In December” is a hip hop/R&B song explaining how love and jealousy play a major role in relationships. It’s about how loyalty and trust can be a hard-to-come-by attribute in today’s society, where survival is the main focus and can get in the way of the vision of an entrepreneur who is trying to balance both work and love for a significant other.

AznBoiiWill shows emotion, aiming to show how love is a temporary aspect in a role of every person. In AznBoiiWill’s words: “The overall theme is a mashup of the cold climates in temperature, and how one person can be there for another, but the reflection of love and the expressions can only be contained if the other individual shows it back.”

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