B. Lansky feat. Vado – The Hold Up

By 44faced on Mar 24, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

Peep “The Hold Up” by B. Lansky featuring Vado. Boasting a sound true to the Miami nightlife, B.Lansky has dropped back in to bless us with his new jam “The Hold Up.” This record possesses a head-rocking bass line as B. Lansky and Vado rap back and forth about their superstar ways and the lifestyle they are currently maintaining. Living fast, living lavish, with zero f*cks given! These NY style bars mixed with a cool and melodic club banger beat creates a record with a rebellious mentality that can separate the average Joe from a true phenom! Don’t let me be the one to hype it up though, check it out for yourself.
Stream the record now or go watch the video on YouTube and follow B. Lansky on Instagram at @B.Lansky23 to see what he’s up to next!