BaxSideB – Rhinestone Cowboy feat. Tiizzy-related

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Hold onto your Stetsons, BaxSideB just yeehawed their way into your playlist with “Rhinestone Cowboy.” This hip-hop/pop/funk fusion explodes from a studio goof into a party anthem guaranteed to kick your boots up. Forget genre labels, just get ready for infectious beats, fire rhymes, and a smile wider than Texas.

About BaxSideB: Introducing a fresh and dynamic artist from Elmont, NY, with a sound as eclectic and vibrant as his multicultural heritage – meet the one and only BaxSideB

Born of Trinidadian, Guatemalan, and Jamaican descent, BaxSideB is an artist who brings a unique flavor to the rap game. His passion for music began as a joke between him and his cousin, but it quickly evolved into a full-blown career. Today, BaxSideB is known for his smooth delivery, razor-sharp lyrics, and infectious energy that brings his listeners to their feet.
BaxSideB biggest influences include the likes of Pro Era and MF DOOM, who introduced him to the world of rap that he loves and admires today. These artists inspired him to pursue his own sound and style, which he brings to the forefront with his music.

As a member of the 2-man group TwoXApostles, BaxSideB joins forces with his partner VT to create a sound that is simply mind-blowing. Together, they deliver an incredible live performance that captures the essence of their music and electrifies their audience.

With his debut EP set to drop soon, BaxSideB is ready to take the rap world by storm. He is committed to keeping his sound fresh and innovative while staying true to his roots. So if you’re looking for an artist who is unapologetically himself, BaxSideB is the one to watch. With his talent and passion, he is sure to leave a lasting impression on the world of music.

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