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REGRETS & DECISIONS is a very personal album to upcoming Vancouver, BC artist, BeatsbyKEv, as it is his first professionally made album. In the words of BeatsbyKEv: “This album talks about the processes of pain and the pain that I’ve been through and the experiences I’ve had and would like to share them to the rest of the world.”

BeatsbyKEv is an upcoming artist representing Vancouver, BC who is also professionally known as being a producer, beatmaker, and also a music composer. Starting his career fresh in 2021, He has already released three albums and worked with artists such as Ethanpil, rieka, Kinewa, Jemma Webb, and many more to come. He has discovered his passion in music during COVID-19 and found that music was his gateway to his happiness/spice in life and hopes to elevate other people’s lives as well with his music. He aims to become an artist such as DJ Khaled, Tay Keith, and Jetsonmade.

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