Beazie x Hiroschema – Exterminate [Review]

By 44faced on May 30, 2019 in Music , Reviews - 0 Comments

“It’s that shit I wanna say but I can’t say right now.” Holy Smoke Records’ artists Beazie and Hiroschema lay down a compelling gangsta rap narrative track blending dirty south with Florida rap vibes. From the opening looping synth of a mellow electronic piano loop with guitar grazes and snare pops, at around 20 seconds in the hard-hitting boom bap kick and snare interplay enters together with Beazie’s raw grit vocal delivery with his semiquavering flows that lead to an emphasized final word line after line. Hiroschema continues in a similar rhythmic style, keeping the song’s continuity flowing without any standout gestures, with his uniqueness becoming expressed in his lower-register vocal range and delays on his emphasized final words in every line he spits.

The rappers’ rawness communicates strongly as both Beazie and Hiroschema focus on the story their telling over any wordplay or other lyrical tactics. The hook at around 1:30 barely sounds like a hook, but their realness is kept in tact as they show no intention of giving the listeners any candy, just the truth of what they want to tell: a story about old friends turning into enemies, wanting to go on and on about it but choosing not to in order to not be snitches and breaking street code.

Beazie is a rap artist from Jacksonville, Florida, signed to Holy Smoke Records. He focuses on painting a gritty picture of life in the Florida streets. Hiroschema is a rap artist from Jacksonville, Florida, also signed to Holy Smoke Records. His background in the hardcore metal scene shows with his high energy on the track and on stage. big heavy voice. gangsta rap with dirty south vibes.

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