Bela Teqiz and Erold Dunkel – Twilight

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Check out the new release by Bela Teqiz and Erold Dunkel “Twilight,” which celebrated its release on October 31, 2023. The German underground rapper Erold Dunkel “a.k.a. The Black Man” presents his unexpected comeback after eight years of obscurity with the said collab song, together with Turkish/German rapper and newcomer Bela Teqiz.

According to horror rapper Erold Dunkel, it won’t just be a new deafening song with a dark party music video. Which, mind you, is not suitable for an audience under the age of 18, as the visual content and explicit textual content featured deals with the execution, mutilation and desecration of other rappers’ corpses.

Twilight is supposed to announce the Collabo Horror album together with Bela Teqiz and on top of that a new solo album by Erold Dunkel called “Dead Man Walking”.

Black humor and mindless violence are told and dealt with in a bloodily weird gangster story. Erold Dunkel would like to use the album Dead Man Walking in the form of short film trailers and music videos to simultaneously embellish his sophisticated gangster rapper film in the name of satire. There is also a short film trailer at dusk, which directly introduces the beginning of the controversial Dead Man Walking gangster rap story.

About Bela Teqiz: Bela Teqiz, a Turkish rap artist based in Vienna, Austria, stands out as a well-read and seasoned figure in the Turkish rap market, recognized in diverse environments. Discovered his passion for songwriting at the age of 12, Bela embarked on a musical journey as a GhostWriter and co-founded the group TeQiz during his teenage years, making significant breakthroughs in the hip-hop scene. Although he temporarily stepped away from music to focus on family life, Bela re-emerged as a solo artist with a distinctive style that seamlessly blends Turkish and German rap.

Bela’s musical style, often characterized as a fusion of drill and horror music, defies genre labels, drawing inspiration from his idol, Eminem. Advocating against drugs and misogyny, Bela uses his music as a platform to promote self-confidence and individuality. In the competitive German and Turkish speaking music scenes, Bela is committed to breaking barriers for women in the rap industry, addressing challenges head-on. With a goal to inspire women to find their voices and speak up, Bela believes in the therapeutic power of writing and recording traumatic experiences, emphasizing that music should bring joy and peace to its audience. With her unique talent, Bela aspires to leave a lasting impact on the music world.

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