Bfffth – Like Waves

By 44faced on Aug 22, 2021 in Music - 0 Comments

Bfffth’s Like Waves is a two-track connection of opposites: extreme and calming, harsh and gentle, noisy and quietly ambient—when listened to over time. It is bedded by heartbeat-like pulsations of drums crunching together at speeds just under the boundary between rhythm and pitch. The pounding waves of the heartbeat-like pulsations are the desire to receive, which drives within harmoniously-enveloping waves of synths, electric guitars, strings, pads and drums. Other than the wavy pulsating rhythms, both tracks on Like Waves share a gradually-building energy to an enormous intensity over about a 20-minute period each. The music of Like Waves, as in the cover art by Zenita Komad, aims to portrays two opposite levels flowing together: the level of the egoistic self in the ocean of a much higher level where—as written on the artwork—everybody is “immersing in goodness and compassion” and where “we experience perfection.”

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