Bobby Gore – Go and Get It

By 44faced on Nov 08, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

After releasing more than 200 songs where he either produced and/or recorded himself, Bobby Gore has released his lead single, “Go and Get It”, available on iTunes and all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. This self-produced track sculpts Bobby’s sounds as he uncovers his purpose to remain laser focus on his mission while simultaneously enticing his listeners to go after their desires.

Bobby Gore hails from the North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago, IL. For the past 15 years, Bobby has spent his time traveling back and fourth between Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, San Francisco, & Los Angeles as a music producer and engineer, songwriter & artist. Currently pursuing his third masters degree, Bobby Gore’s sole mission is to be a spokesman for all those that grew up in neighborhoods similar to his west side of Chicago roots. With a sound based in soul samples and new age synth arrangements, Bobby Gore’s sound is one that you are sure to love.

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