C-Max – Paradise

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C-Max - Paradise

This project is an Afro Pop fused with Afrobeat, this is a mainstream Nigerian sound which is currently rocking the global scene. This song talks about love and the great experience it brings.

Born in bustling Lagos State in Nigeria MAXWELL CHIBUZOR NWACHUKWU OKOH a.k.a C-Max has always had a passion and interest in music. His most memorable influences are top rap, hip hop, high life and drum and bass artistes across genres over the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

With a passion and zest for the arts, a love for music and rap hip hop tunes and after spending some time as supporting artiste and background for other big names, he moved into writing and arranging his own vocals.
C-Max joined a choir at 14, wrote his first song in 1996, and recorded his first song in 2000 and his first single ‘Oya’ released in 2003 was a hit on local radio stations.

He developed his own niche influenced by some big names on the American hip hop, rhythm and blues, jazz, soul and rap scene and in his own words ”the flow was tight, the swag was rite, i enjoyed the scene and finally I knew there was no stopping me.” He remains and he is as ever constantly working to deliver and satisfy fans worldwide. “I know the Nigerian hip hop/rap scene has grown impressively over the last decade, and the introductions of fresh ideas, talent, new and original vocals are on the menu.”

Music style and influences: C-Max has a leggero tenor vocal range. emphasizing on his falsetto, it sounds even as natural as his speaking voice. An impressive and dynamic vocalist, who captivates his listeners, commanding presences with the power of blending emotions and lyrics and the ability to personify each phrase in his songs and within minutes in to his songs sells you tenderness.

C-max’s music is generally R&B but he also incorporates pop, dance and hip hop, Afrobeat, high life in to his songs.

Other ventures: C-Max is an image of grace and talent, a vocal coach and voiceover artist. Over the years he has worked on several jingles and modeled as brand ambassador for some companies such as WBSP clothing line, Fun Hub. C-Max a motivational speaker and character building advocate.

Stream C-Max’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1tXeafeJxbYQm4txbqqdVA?disable_polymer=true

Download on Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/49q3fn5a5w7w7bu/Paradise.mp3?dl=0

Follow C-Max on Twitter: @official_cmax