C.R.G – Carload (Martian Lingo)

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Born to Lonnie Craig Sr. and Jeanette Holloway Craig in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on September 18, 1991, at Forrest General Hospital; Lonnie Craig Jr. “C.J”, artistically known as, “C.R.G” which is the acronym for Creativity-Refines-Genuity; would be birthed into the world to become an amazing entertainer with vast talent and passion for art and music. He is the youngest and only son out of 3 older siblings who are girls. Inspired by cartoons, anime, and video games, he at first had the aspiration of drawing art, sketching heroes and creating his own characters from his own imagination. Underlying his interest in art, music has always been a factor in his life. At a young age, he would always be humming and singing melodies off when playing with toys alone to himself.

Whenever he was around his older sister and cousins, however; they would dance and reenact to music videos from different genres. Being the son of a gospel singer and guitarist, he would watch and become captivated whenever his dad sung and played his guitar at home or at church programs. Also being exposed to other local gospel acts when traveling to his dad, Lonnie became fascinated with playing drums. Being that he was too young to play at his home church or anywhere else, he would put together boxes, pans, and miscellaneous things around the house that he could find to resemble a drum set for him bang on continuously! It was soon that his parents and loved ones saw he had a niche for music.

They would buy and surprise him with toy instruments that occupied him for long periods of time, almost to the time when everybody in the household is winding down for bed. His imagination would always be restless, in spite of him having to go to sleep. When he was in grade school, Lonnie participated in many plays and programs that showed his outstanding showmanship and keen ability to portray his parts and singing vocals. He won a few talent shows and some awards for his performance.

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