Caleb Darger – A Lot to Tell You

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Caleb Darger’s “A Lot to Tell You” is reminiscent of 70’s folk music, but includes warm pedal steel which weaves perfectly with the melody. It is about learning how to make amends in a relationship and admit when you’re wrong.

Caleb Darger is seasoned songwriter hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. Drawing from a diverse tapestry of influences, Darger skillfully weaves together elements of folk, indie, and Americana, to craft songs whose heartfelt storytelling resonate with authenticity and depth.

By the time he reached 19, Darger had already embarked on two west coast tours, and was selling out shows in his hometown as the lead singer of the folk-rock group The Mighty Sequoyah. However, life took him on a different path as he spent five transformative years in the vibrant city of Washington, DC, balancing work commitments and pursuing a graduate degree, before returning to his native Utah to focus on music again.

Darger’s earlier endeavors saw the release of an album of Christian folk hymns, a reflection of his faith at the time. With his upcoming album, “Fault Line,” slated for release in 2024, Darger delves into themes of losing his religion, as well as navigating the complexities of relationships, and getting older. It is a testament to his growth as an artist and as an individual, unafraid to confront the fault lines of his own existence and the world around him.

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