Chaz Marcus – The Chosen One [EP]

By 44faced on Nov 21, 2018 in Music - 0 Comments

Chaz Marcus’ music ties together multiple threads just as his representation of East Coast and West Coast ties together the two extreme US coasts. Hip hop, rap, pop, R&B and Afrobeat influences weave into Chaz Marcus’ new EP, “The Chosen One.” The shiny and polished short intro sets the mood for the upcoming outpouring of emotional excavation that Chaz Marcus digs up from his unique streak of life experiences and desires.

Moods switching between various states is what asserts Chaz Marcus’ mastery of the world that any EP or album needs to present, and “The Chosen One” is definitely no less a world than any interactive experience that draws one into an immersive experience.

From assertive self-confidence in “Chosen One,” upbeat spirit raising in “Bod Mon,” the chill waviness of relationships in “Rainy Day,” the slowed-down emo style of “Down,” the ascending heart-to-heart penetration of “My Girl,” and more elements that continually complement the interrelation of emotions that make up this world that Chaz Marcus composed.

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