Chris Corey – Seven Year Itch

By 44faced on Sep 20, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

Chris Corey’s “Seven Year Itch” is a straight-laced rock and roll tune with a few vintage elements scattered throughout to help pull the assemble together. In the words of Chris Corey: “I wanted to have something structured with a powerful riff + vocal melody that blended with the overall tones to pull the listener in. Of course, I’ve recorded it with modern technology to help give it that final patina of freshness that I think would help it stick out on the radio.”

Raised in a small city in Northern Canada, Chris Corey splits his time between Ontario and Western Canada where he’s currently working on releasing his debut album. “This record is really a mixed bag of everything.” He said when asked about the direction of the material. “I really tried to pull from a variety of influences on the newer tunes, I didn’t want to hold back thinking something wasn’t possible.” Drawing influences from a variety of genres including rock, pop, blues, country, folk and new wave, his new album promises to be a treat for listeners with wide musical palettes. Chris plans to drop his debut album in late 2022 and follow that with some live gigs to promote the record.

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