CrimsonMuzik – On Me

By 44faced on Apr 12, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

CrimsonMuzik’s “On Me” is a record that CrimsonMuzik (@CrimsonMuzik) wrote this year as a soundtrack to relax with friends and have a good time. In the words of CrimsonMuzik: “The song touches on recognizing who your real friends are, staying on your hustle, and a transparent look into what comes along with these sentiments. Overall I come back to how amazing life is when you start to believe in yourself. I hope this track connects to people looking for a good track to vibe out to that’s packed with the emotions that come with chasing your dreams and experiencing success.”
About CrimsonMuzik
CrimsonMuzik is a 28 year old lyrical hotshot from Harrisonburg, VA. Having started his own recording company in 2012, he’s been financially independent through music since 2013; however he’s only recently started to pursue his dream of being a well-known entertainer. What CrimsonMuzik creates can easily be classified into the cocky flex rap sub-genre of hip hop, but mix that with internal struggle, external success, spiritual lessons, infectious melodies, quotable hooks. Add all that up and you’d be close.
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