Cruise Control Soul – Thinking Out Loud

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The Cruise Control Soul band ft. Hollis Jordan drops a remake of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.”

Detroit-based band, Cruise Control Soul has created quite the sensation in the global music industry with their incredible thematic dexterity. Their remake of Ed Sheeran’s hit single, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ has earned praise and love from their fans. Sang by the lead singer of the band, Hollis Jordan, the new version revitalizes the brilliant essence and allure of the original track once again.

Not just the followers of the band but Sheeran’s fans are also taken aback by the vocal prowess of Hollis Jordan. Band members lead singer A’mor Shanee’ and guitarist/vocalist Darell Campbell have given him perfect support, taking the song to the next level. It was produced by Darell ‘Red’ Campbell of Detroit and released under the record label Cruise Control Music, USA. This song will be re-released at the beginning of the new year (2022) and the music video has received only positive responses.

Founding member Hollis Jordan is a multi-talented musician and lead singer of the popular band Cruise Control Soul. Along with his band members has created an incredible remake of Ed Sheeran’s famous single, ‘Thinking Out Loud’. As a solo artist, Hollis has dropped multiple records gaining a massive fan base. For more information visit the website

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