D Fine Us – A Little Bit of Rain feat. Lucious Spiller

By 44faced on Sep 01, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

D Fine Us music features underlying elements that immediately bring more melody to the table. At the same time, it is clear that D Fine Us’ ability to make quality music for different vocalists is one of the most important components of this mix. What makes the songs he creates great is a balance between the nuances of the instrumental and the passion and focus that drives D Fine Us in his compositional flow, making for a perfect fit for the sound of the singers who joined in on the tracks. Tomer’s songwriting style has a familiar yet distinct sound that combines a perfectly mastered assortment of ideas while still allowing his one-of-a-kind vision to shine through.

D Fine Us is a music project founded by songwriter and producer Tomer Katz. He is influenced by delta blues, soul, and R&B, allowing his sound to collide with old and new influences. For this reason, his sound can seamlessly infuse contemporary, electronic textures to create a compelling pastiche of ‘culture-clashed’ music.

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