Damien Q – Seasons [EP]

By 44faced on Oct 28, 2021 in Music - 0 Comments

The Seasons EP by Damien Q is a life flashing before our eyes. In six multi-genre tracks he manages to take us through the distinct and relatable changes of life.

“Liquid Glass” flows in with a feeling of freedom; a summer night drive with the top down before moving into an ethereal but catchy heartbreak ballad with “Fall (I Guess).” His rage and seized-up isolation is palpable in “Winter (Outbreak)” before he unveils the depth of his pain in “Solstice (Run, Run, Run),” his lowest point. And suddenly and warmly, love springs eternal as he seems to remember in “Spring (Love Is Grateful),” based around a harp sample. The EP ends with “Equinox (To The Mind That Is Still).”

To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders is Lao Tzu’s full quote, and Damien Q seems to be reminding himself and the rest of us to move gently into the next season.

Stream Damien Q – Seasons [EP] on Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/4ys506XZk28T6Ig5z7St98?si=ocLg8D0oS-68wtWMx1XHJA