Daniel Najar – Hate

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In the words of Daniel Najar: “I wrote this song ‘Hate’ when I was thinking about all the hate we have in the world today. From all the negativity online and off it there seems to be a lot of anger and rage going on in our society. It can feel at times no matter what a person does or accomplishes it will be followed by some Hate.”

About Daniel Najar:

My name is Daniel Najar and Hip-Hop has been my number one interest in life since I was a young kid. My family were Jehovah Witnesses and on the weekends we had to go door to door preaching the religion. One day a lady let us into her house and she was explaining to the older guy I was with that her song was rebellious and listed to “Rap Music”. Her son shortly came out of his room and I could hear The Real Slim Shady by Eminem in the background. The next week I went down stairs and my sister had MTV on the TV and I got to watch The Real Slim Shady music video and was deeply intrigued by this blond character in what was a mental institution doing all sort of theatrics while rapping at a high level. After that I got The Marshall Mathers LP through a catalog and have been hooked on the genre ever since. I’ve listened to most artists discography bottom to top and am a fan of mostly every artist for taking the time to share their story/perspective through music. I ended up having a very crazy life of my own and at the age of 24 I began to take rapping seriously and pursue a career in music. I feel that I can add some value into Hip-Hop and constantly challenge myself rapping and look forward to sharing my life story with the world one day.

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