DB Kash – I’ll Be There

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Wavy chill ambient harmonized digital piano chord resonances pouncing into a woody beat maze of 86 bpm groove based in a pumping kick, crispy clicking hi-hats and claps, as well as a perfectly-spaced array of wooden percussive instruments.

R&B-esque choir-like chants panning around the ears until that mid-area fills with the man himself, DB Kash, letting it all out with the algorithm-friendly bumping hook entry

You know I adore you
You know that I care
You know if you need me
You know I be there
You know that I care
You know I be there
You know if you call me
You know I be there

The lyrics are a well-crafted document of interaction between the main character and the other. The other doesn’t get defined. It is left up to the interpretation of the listener: on the surface, relationships with a partner, on a deeper level, human relations in general.

The more “I’ll Be There” unfolds, the more two parallel movies form in the listener, the lyrics triggering pictures playing out on personal, social and global scales.

An absolutely beautiful, personal and epic showcase in this unexpected 2 minute and 54 second masterpiece.

I’ll leave this review with the two hashtags in its SoundCloud page at this time (Nov. 18, 2019) that give it a very suitable description:

#dreamy #love


DB Kash – I’ll Be There (Press Info):

DB Kash releases his latest single ‘I’ll Be There’. Despite it being a cover song to ‘On Chill’ feat. Wale, The song has its own identity that Express how he adore and care. With the combination of his voice, repetitive hook and chill melodies, this song could easily cause a effect similar to Jacquees and Ella Mai “ Trip” Remix.

Identity has always been the center of DB Kash music. Born In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, The Artist, Song Writer and entrepreneur continues to deliver solid work. Like many music lovers of his generation, DB Kash has the passion and drive that will guarantee him a spot to be mentioned amongst other elite artists of his time.

Stream DB Kash – I’ll Be There on SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/dirtyboy-kash/ill-bethere/s-S9OqN

Follow DB Kash on Twitter: @dirtyboykash