DeeZire – All Night Long

By 44faced on Feb 02, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

DeeZire’s (@officialdeezire) “All Night Long” has a soundscape that creatively fuses elements of organic musicianship with those a little more electronically sourced. It does this in a delicate and subtle way – there are hints of funk by means of a quickly rhythmic guitar part, even the drum line in some respects. There are equally as many dashes of trip hop that help create a smooth and soothing stream of audio. All the while, the song itself is guided by a beautifully natural vocal sound – soft and subtle when necessary, a little more prominent and strong when the moment requires a slightly higher level of passion.
About DeeZire
While there are many artists emerging from the booming Atlanta music industry, few artists possess the unique talent and style that DeeZire has. DeeZire is an up-and-coming R&B/Hip-Hop duo comprised of members Swade and X’Clusiv. Together, their music contains a special blend of sounds, styles, and influences to capture your ear.

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