Dennish – After the Clouds

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Dennish ~ A family bonding and growing through music. Inspired to share, spread fun and laughter with the world. Their First Album “After The Clouds” takes you on a journey of self growth, acceptance, love and moving ahead.

1. Stray Balloon ~ was composed in June 2022 and sung by the mother and daughter duo (Nissha & Denish) and Dennis on the Drum with his unique style of drumming.

Denish writes about growing up with support from her mother “…I’m flying high let the sun grace my wings….”

Nissha has composed this song in memory of her mother (9th Feb 2022). Her Love, Strength and Memories will forever be held in our hearts “….Time has been kind showed me ways to Let go…”

The song was also inspired by the beautiful scenery at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah depicted in the Album Cover.

2. I Can’t Be Bothered ~ sung by the mother and daughter duo. Inspired and composed on 3rd December 2022 at the beautiful Redgate Margaret River, Australia. This is a carefree, fun, and bouncy song. Featuring a concept of turning away from the negative, and or dramatic people in your life with the simple phrase “I can’t be bothered.” The song itself was written and composed by Nissha and Denish, with Dennis on the drums adding his upbeat touch to the song.

3. Sayangku The DILU Song ~ Specially composed and sung for Dennis (Sayangku- My Love) on his birthday on April 2022 and brings your attention to importance of trust and love in a relationship through the challenges thrown at you “….They throw a side ball & some bullets too, I’ve got a good catch and you are bullet proof…”

4. Hey You ~ “…Tomorrow it will be alright…” A song of courage to face your life path and no matter what it will be alright. Take a pick of your highway and stay your ground because tomorrow it will be alright as long as you drive today!

About Dennish:

  • Dennis ~ Drummer Magnifico, Octapad and Sound Effects
  • Nissha ~ Composer, Lyricist, Guitarist & Singer
  • Denish ~ Singer, Composer, Lyricist & Pianist

Self-taught musician playing from the heart.

Dennish (Dennis + Nissha) ~ A family bonding and growing through music. Inspired to share, spread fun and laughter with the world.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

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