DFlexXx – Mus B (Battery Remix)

By 44faced on Sep 01, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

With this new release from DFlexXx, “Mus B (Battery Remix),” all clubs across the whole of the UK have the perfect track to add to their party-pumping playlist. “Mus B” flaunts a huge production sound with a thumping drum track – driven by a punching kick – dense synths and immense bass which you can’t help but groove to. The chorus melody is incessantly catchy and pays credit to DFlexXx who wrote the song in just one hour! Homing in on the popularity of TikTok in the mainstream adds another genius element to this single and guarantees its success – “Mus B” is certainly not one to miss.

23-year-old Cardiff born Welsh rapper Darnell Ramone Williams (DFlexXx) has a unique, credible and commercial sound that is a blend of Hip Hop and Trap – predominantly rooted in the contemporary UK Rap scene. He developed his performing skills from the young age of 6 as part of dance troop Jukebox Juniors who achieved traction following their feature in a BBC Documentary and went on to appear in children’s TV shows & in films. Following on from this, DFlexXx diversified and, after studying music at Bridgend College and ACM  London, he discovered his natural talent for rapping and songwriting, and so decided to pursue the path of a professional rapper. Subsequently, he has released 3 other singles and promises a bright future in the music industry.

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