DJ Intricate – Wanna Rap

By 44faced on Mar 12, 2024 in Music - 0 Comments

Check out the single “Wanna Rap” by DJ Intricate and hear why it has topped the Reverb Nation “Most Popular Artists” chart. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, DJ Intricate is an artist who seamlessly melds a spectrum of roles – producer, writer, DJ, emcee, crooner, breakdancer, engineer, and videographer – into his music.

With a career spanning over two decades, DJ Intricate has refined a unique sound that embodies his vast musical influences. His talent lies in synthesizing various genres into a signature style that resonates with authenticity and innovation.

His Bandcamp discography, featuring twelve distinct releases, is a testament to his evolving artistry, gaining him a steadily growing base of dedicated fans.

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