DJ Smo – Floating feat. Bay-C

By 44faced on Apr 22, 2023 in Music - 0 Comments

Get ready to float with DJ Smo and Bay-C’s new banger, a stoner’s anthem that will take you on a journey to cloud nine! With its fusion of dancehall, afrobeat, and reggae elements, this song is the perfect soundtrack for your next smoke session. Pre-save the song on Spotify now and be the first to experience the ultimate high on 4/20!!

DJ Smo – the hottest DJ in the European Dancehall Scene, traveling to Jamaica as often as possible, living the life of the young and reckless! His mind is saturated with music, his mixtapes run the streets. When he’s on set he takes you straight to Kingston, or New York – or wherever the fuck the turn up is!! His music is RAW MODERN DANCEHALL with elements of all Genres to guarantee the one of a kind sauce!!

Bay-C is a seasoned artist from the shores of Jamaica. Formerly of renowned quartet TOK, Bay-C has written, recorded and produced some of Jamaica’s biggest selling music for the past 15 years. His instantly recognisable bass voice is coveted by many and is the inspiration behind his artiste name Bay-C (pronounced bass-ee).

Signature lines such as ‘Man A Badman’, ‘Solid as a Rock’ and the infamous ‘My Crew My Dawgs’ have stamped Bay-C as an ace dj that is gifted with a voice that compliments almost any beat, regardless of genre or tempo.

Stream DJ Smo – “Floating” feat. Bay-C: