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By 44faced on Nov 02, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

Dodi’s music style is as hard as the concrete he grew up on. His music is an echo of his life story and pulls no punches. His lyrics leave you with a vivid and gritty depiction of what he has been through to the point you are reliving it with him. This makes listening to his music a truly personal experience. As his faith is of upmost importance to him and a positive influence in his life, it is ever present in his music. This gives his music a whole new level of depth that you do not get with every artist making it all the more unique. One thing you can take away from his music is that he is not a Hip Hop gimmick, every story and situation told is true. Giving a very detailed picture of the streets that made him who he is today. His music is not made to glorify what he has been through but should be thought of more as a musical memoir.

Dodi is the true definition of what a street conscious rap artist is. Although he is currently fighting a murder trial he refuses to let this stand in his way and continues to make heartfelt street music. He is a young black male hailing from Georgia and is currently signed to Renegade Muzik. He is also a proud Muslim and has been guided through all of his trials and tribulations by Allah.

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