Dutch – Learning How to Lie

By 44faced on May 28, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

Coming off the success of his 2018 release Single Player Game, Houston artist Dutch returns with his highly anticipated follow up album, Learning How To Lie. The 8 track project is a genre bending blend of hip hop, pop punk and rock; a unique sound that is ubiquitous to the mood that Dutch has curated throughout his career. Dutch’s vocals are dynamic and clear, while at the sometime highlighting the artists natural rawness which is essential to his emotionally driven music. The albums finds unhinged, introspective lyrics laced over haunting guitar licks, wavy synths and hard hitting trap drums, creating a listening experience that is unapologetically, Dutch. Learning How To Lie explores the full gamut between longing and loss; there is a sense of urgency lingering throughout the 8 track album, giving us a truly honest piece of work from the Houston artist.

About Dutch: 
After years of playing guitar in metal bands overseas and producing/djing underground house and techno music in New York, Justin Hill launched the “Dutch” solo project shortly after moving to Houston, Texas. While Dutch remains true to his underground roots on the production side (lo-fi sampling, deep sub bass, wavy synths & pads), he brings an unapologetically honest and raw vocal element to his new music (drawing from early 2000s emo/hardcore, alternative RNB, and modern hip-hop). Lyrically, he creates an emotional dialogue about loss, depression, and other deeply human subjects all delivered through a reverb-soaked / harmonized vocal style that has become his signature.