Dzaster – Anticipation Sells [Mixtape]

By 44faced on Apr 18, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

Darvon “Dzaster” Johnson (@dzastermtg) is an upcoming hip hop artist from Houston, Texas, born September 30, 1988. Dzaster was inspired by artists like, Lil’ Keke, UGK, Lil’ Wayne, and 50 cent. Dzaster is a skilled lyricist and entertainer with an extensive background in music. He states his style of Rap is “Relevant Rap”. Dzaster works with a team of entertainers to create and produce his music. He has currently done some work with C3 Entertainment, Theazy Staccs, Greenweezel South, Big Smooth, Pyrexx, Lil Phat, Money Man, and a few others. Dzaster has been directly involved in the development of three record labels. He was working with an independent label called Close Camp Entertainment. He also teamed up with a management team called Greenweezel to create the record label “Greenweezel South”. Now he owns his independent label, Money Train Movement with a management team behind him titled DCJ Management. In the past Dzaster has released nine mixtapes and 1 album released on March 4th 2012. His mix tapes include: The Preview, Guard Your Grill Volume 1, Guard Your Grill Volume 2, I Am My Brothers Keeper Volume 1, Ladies Night, The Conclusion, and When Dzaster Strikes Volume 1. He has performed at several locations in Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Colorado, Florida and North Carolina including: Dream Team Car Show, I Bar, The Playground, and The Jet Lounge. Dzaster has also been interviewed by radio stations like 96.1, Unspoken Grynd Radio, UnderdogTV, D.J Suede (NuEra Radio) and Bulldog TV.