EazyFace – Blu Faces [Album]

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The stylish Arkansas all-round producer, writer, rapper and owner of the Blu Flame Entertainment label, EazyFace (@EazyFace), is dedicated to bouncing the streets with his album Blu Faces—an optimistic and quasi-hypnotic journey into a wavy trap party zone kept real with EazyFace’s genuine tell-it-as-it-is vocal delivery.

EazyFace’s full-length combines all the elements of a stimulating modern trap classic: chill wavering synth hums fading and panning in and out of the mid-low-high section, alternating percussive smacks and bells that hold a rhythmic interest as they skillfully span through 1’s, 2’s, 4’s, 8’s, 16’s and 32’s placements, together with 808 stabs filling in the low end rumbling the chest, all enveloped around a dominant center-present prominence of EazyFace’s lead voice and adlibs artfully complementing the not-too-sparse and not-too-full mix.

The synth oscillations throughout joining the frequent snapping percussive feel allow the mind to detach and elasticize the body to the multilayered dynamism that EazyFace masterfully distributes across the sonic spectrum, opening the opportunity for his faithful-to-the-hustle lyrics to seep in straight into the subconscious. Whether it’s the autotune dreaminess of “Chances,” the enthusiastic repetitive delayed echoes of “Early in the AM,” the fiercely sober vibes of “Ride Around Town” met soon with the antithetical doped elation of “Mean Drip,” the surprise boom-bap turn fused with EazyFace’s aesthetic echoing adlib vocal production patterns in “Tricc,” and the serene bell trance blended with a committed vocal outpouring in “Say About Me”—these are just some of the highlights in an album that satisfies the desire to leave the mind behind, to let your body break into a feel with a beat, and let your subconscious fill with affirmations with one message standing out above all else: stay attentive to the hustle.

Since EazyFace successfully detaches the listener’s mind, then looking for strong moments becomes too much of an effort, since the vibe is to let go: EazyFace invites you to let go of your mind, enter the music and vibe from the opening cymbal splash in “Ride Around Town” all the way through a tapestry of auditory pleasure materials feeding directly through your body, chest and fluctuating your heart into EazyFace’s exclusive amalgamation of instrumental smoothness, lyrical determination and optimistic mesmerism, all the way until the final fading synth-stab echoes in “Money Gettin Addiction.”

EazyFace cites a wide range of influences that sparkle throughout his uniquely developed sound, spanning rap influences in Jay-Z, Scarface, T.I., UGK, Three 6 Mafia, 2pac, E-40, Kendrick Lamar and Trippie Redd, and producer influences in DJ Paul, Dr. Dre, KMD, Sonny Digital, 808 Mafia, Kanye West, Mannie Fresh and a slew of southern producers. EazyFace was once a member of Conway, Arkansas’ own Mo Game Click, and his artistic grind finds expression visually as he is also a professionally licensed tattoo artist. While listening to his album, head on over to his Instagram @EazyFace and check out his elaborate tattoos.

EazyFace is the personification of sonic and visual artistry, style and hustle with a southern flavor who is overflowing with positive vibes.

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