Eclipseye – Hymn of Hypocrisy (Rap Comedy)

By 44faced on Sep 16, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

Themed as political comedy rap the single addresses UK’s numerous cases of government hypocrisy in a comedic and illustrative manner, using visual and voiceover parodies to incite humour, whereas the truth is spoke in jest.

The single lasts around three and a half minutes and sits at 150 bpm. Some of the main influences for this new release include Eclipseye’s migration to the UK and the hardships he has faced as a migrant, the pandemic and resultant global destabilization of society, his liberal political belief (transcendental anarchism), and conscious hip-hop amidst the rise of “Woke-fluencing”.

The track commences with a twenty-second intro that sets the tone and context whilst building a sense of anticipation for the verse. Eclipseye’s emotive vocal color seamlessly synchronizes with the ominous vibe of the instrumentation. The dark tone of the electronic elements seamlessly merges with the rhythmic beat to provide the perfect platform for the vocal.

The main vocal and percussion systematically drop out of the mix to allow for spoken-word samples that add context to the track, delivering just the right amount of dynamic diversity to ensure that this single is engaging from start to finish.

About Eclipseye: Eclipseye is a bilingual, UK-based rap artist and woke-fluencer, using music to make a difference in the world. Comedian and lyricist with international background, representing London’s rap scene in conscious hip-hop genre.

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