✘eddead💜 Is the Most Unique Upcoming Artist I’ve Worked With So Far

By 44faced on Feb 11, 2019 in Lists , Music - 0 Comments

I work with a lot of upcoming artists who try out my Fiverr gig. Edde6D was one of my early ones, and he bought a couple of gigs afterward. Out of the 400+ artists I’ve worked with over the last 3 years, the one that stands out in terms of his uniqueness, is Edde6D, who is now called ✘eddead💜.

I’m going to start this post with the song he sent me that I wrote the following review for…

✘eddead💜 smokes you into his zero-fucks-given world of drugs, face tatts and cash getting, spitting flame on a chill piano-loop beat by Extendo Beatz.

…and then will continue with more songs that ✘eddead💜’s written recently.

I’ve worked with a lot of artists who I’d also like to present in terms of strengths they had, and rappers with strong motivations, immediate ones that pop up are KF Greatness, Calitreeboy, Young G Works and Remington James, and it’s interesting why some names stand out and I remember, and many I simply forget. There must be something that stands out about them.

But ✘eddead💜 takes the cake for uniqueness. Out of all the artist entries I received, ✘eddead💜 sounded the most unique to me.

Here’s 9 ✘eddead💜 songs to get you into the unique world of ✘eddead💜…

1) ✘eddead💜 – Lack of

Produced by Yung Cortex.

2) ✘eddead💜 – My Queen

3) ✘eddead💜 – Run It

Produced by Sehemyre.

4) ✘eddead💜 – My Girlfriends Nose Is Numb

5) ✘eddead💜 – Heart (feat. Currie)


7) ✘eddead💜 – Skitzo

8) ✘eddead💜 – Triple 6

BTW – Triple 6 is one of my favorite bangers of 2018.

9) ✘eddead💜 – Whatever