Edubb302 – Bout A Dolla

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“Bout A Dolla” is an energetic and confident song that describes the focus of Edubb302. “I’m bout a dollar and don’t have time to compete. I can only chase my dream and have very little energy for the nonsense.” This is authentic hip hop where every syllable is clear and evident.

Edubb302 is an artist out of Wilmington, DE born Elijah Beckham III. Born and raised in a city nicknamed Small Wonder that at one point was called Murder Town USA for the low population and high rate of violent crime. EDubb has hit the music market with a determination to make it in the music industry. He has been dubbed a visionary and has a plan to bring back the music that he was raised listening to. Authentic hip hop with a message that made you feel the artist and empathize even if you never lived the life as if you are walking through the shoes of the artist. Edubb has been influenced his entire life by artists such as Young Jeezy, DMX, Lil Wayne , Juelz Santana, Cam’ron, Fabulous, Mase, Puff Daddy, 2pac, Biggie, State Property, and many more artists that were lyrical. He is also influenced by some of the artists from the new generation of rap such as Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Dababy, Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug and a plethora of other talented artists that deliver lyrically. Edubb is a high energy performer who delivers his message via descriptive lyrics and when he decides to perform he enunciates every syllable on the mic. In his own words “Being an unsigned artist is hard because I have to work so much harder than the next man because I don’t have a machine pushing me. Therefore, the least I can do is put on a show every time I show up.. When the opportunities call I’m running.” Tune in and listen to the story of Edubb as he makes himself extremely vulnerable not shying away from his prison sentence to the violent crime he witnessed and took part in, or the drug use that initially led to his incarceration after an opiate addiction. The message the artist delivers is a message that many can relate to but not many are open to discuss. You can follow Edubb302 on Instagram @E_dubbmusic302, or on YouTube @Edubb302. Stay tuned it’s so much more music on the way.

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