Elephant in Siberia – Naima

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Elephant in Siberia perform the Coltrane jazz standard, “Naima,” in a way like you’ve never heard before, with electronic, ambient, and trip-hop influences. Elephant in Siberia is an existential and artistic state of mind. It means not to feel completely belonging to the world we live in and alienated from the changes and the dynamics of our time. Musically, Elephant in Siberia aims to represent this estrangement by merging two genres which could be seen as far away from each other (electronics and jazz), but we feel they have in common an infinite expressive freedom.

Elephant in Siberia are a musical duo from Milan, Italy: Chantal Antonizzi (voice and arrangements) and Laura Pronestì (electronics and arrangements). Chantal has been a jazz singer for 20 years, Laura is a professional sound engineer and guitarist. Both like electronic music, especially ambient and trip-hop, and like to put these influences in their music.

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