Emory Forbes – Ohio TA

By 44faced on May 14, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

After a long musical hiatus, Emory Forbes recently shattered the music industry with the smash hit “Ohio TA.” During this time of a pandemic, Forbes’ music is a great alternative. Forbes is honest, he’s lyrical, and his unique sound will motivate you to keep pushing.

The Baltimore-based rapper starts the track by saying, “I’m a different kind of superman when I get off work. We both get in the booth then we really go to work.” Relating his lifestyle and ability to the everyday individual.

With no hesitation, Forbes critiques his daily lifestyle and work ethic with intense double entendres and metaphors. He uses the skill set he acquired as a battle rapper to help balance flow, wordplay and a Lupe Fiasco like cadence.

For the last two years, Forbes has been traveling the country performing as a battle rapper. Forbes started in Baltimore, Maryland but quickly realized his wordplay and unique cadence would capture audiences all over the world.

Traveling from Washington D.C to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Forbes grew his brand as an artist but continued working on the written craft of rap. “I wanted to return to music, but it was all about timing,” said Forbes.

Since dropping “Ohio TA,” Forbes has received countless calls from other artists congratulating his return, a spot in one of Spotify’s top playlist, and a 50-foot billboard promoting his newest single. “A seed is just a seed until it proceeds to grow,” the Baltimore artist raps on “Ohio TA.”

“Ohio TA” is the track needed to put Emory Forbes back on the main stage. It’s an inspirational track that focuses on work ethic and vision. “Ohio TA” is out now and available on all platforms.

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